Concordia St. Paul News

May 12, 2011

Concordia’s Residence Life Center Renamed Holst Hall

The Residence Life Center has been renamed Holst Hall in honor of 20-year president Rev. Dr. Robert Holst, on

Wednesday, May 11. The three-story, 300-bed, apartment-style facility built in 2008 inherently fosters the kind of Christian community Holst promoted throughout his presidency.

“He is a president of the people and his heart has always been for the students,” said Board of Regents member Rev. Tom Evans. “What better way to honor Dr. Holst–his vision and legacy–by renaming the heart of the campus after him.”

Holst is humbled to have a building named in his honor. “I hope my name on that building enables people to celebrate what God has done here through so many wonderful people,” said Holst, who will retire May 31 after having served the church for 49 years.

the Board of Regents announced at Holst’s Retirement Service