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CSP Diversity Director Aqueelah Roberson Discusses Black History Month


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In the 1960s, Black students on college campuses began a push for Black History Month that quickly spread across the nation. In 1976, President Gerald Ford issued the first proclamation recognizing Black History Month, a tradition that has continued every year since, including President Joe Biden on February 1, 2021.

That same day, Concordia welcomed its new Diversity Center Director, Aqueelah Roberson. She had some insight to share regarding Black History Month.

Q: What does Black History Month mean to you?

A: Black History Month is a time where the nation acknowledges the impactive and transformative contributions, coupled with the rich legacy, of African Americans. 

Q: How has Black History Month changed over your lifetime?

A: There have been some notable changes in Black History Month over my lifetime.  The urgency of commemorating the endowments of those who have gone before us is not as prevalent.  I am finding that there are many persons who are not aware of the vital contributions and sacrifices made by African Americans—aiding in world transformation. 

Q: Are there any historical figures that you feel don’t get mentioned enough during Black History Month?

A: There are many African Americans whose contributions are often not recognized.   The list is quite extensive.  It is best to say that those who have sacrificed tirelessly to eradicate antiquated practices and create more efficient mediums by which we live cannot be comprehended in one month. 

Q: Does the Diversity Center have any events planned this month that you would like the CSP community to be made aware of?

A: The Chatman Diversity Center has prepared some events that celebrate Black History Month. These activities can be accessed here.