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Concordia St. Paul News

July 31, 2014

CSP Student Akolade Gbadamosi Embracing the Pull of Politics

by Lauren Erath (CSP Marketing & Communications Intern)

The best career is one that enthralls. For Akolade Gbadamosi, politics promises exactly that, and thanks to Concordia University St. Paul he is already immersed in the political world.

 Gbadamosi, 22, will earn his bachelor’s degree in Political Science this fall, but not before he finishes his career-defining internship with Minnesota’s Democratic Farmers Labor Party. He serves as a Party Affairs and Outreach intern, working with local party unit chairs to plan and organize events.

“I was able to help out with this year’s DFL convention in Duluth and it was a surreal experience,” Gbadamosi said. “Being just a couple feet away from Senator Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken and shaking Governor (Mark) Dayton’s hand, it’s an experience that will stay with me forever.”

Gbadamosi engaged in politics through CSP’s hands-on The Minnesota Legislature and State and Local Government course. While in this class, he composed a bill supporting the provision of mobile dental care for people with disabilities or who are in group homes.

Although Gbadamosi was unable to attain a hearing for his bill, he did gain excellent experience with political processes and access to an ideal internship. He associates this success to the help of CSP political science professor, Jayne Jones, who led the course.

“She really helped us calm our nerves or helped us when it came to speaking to legislators, the media, the radio, and many other things,” he explained. “She had a goal for us to either get involved in politics, or be attending law school after we graduate.”

Gbadamosi, who is currently working on four projects for a senior caucus, recognizes how Concordia equipped him for the internship by improving his professionalism through increased confidence, public speaking and professional writing skills.  He obtained this through career-building experience, including researching and creating a bill, finding a chief author for the bill, speaking to reporters, participating in a press conference with classmates, and lobbying for the bill with legislators.

For Gbadamosi, whose parents immigrated to Apple Valley from Nigeria, politics have been a life-long fascination starting in elementary school when he was allowed to keep a school library book about all the United States presidents. This interest increased in middle school when his class held an election and he was nominated class president and continued through the mock trials he attended with his high school team.

After graduation, Gbadamosi plans to attend law school and is considering becoming an attorney. His schools of choice include the University of Minnesota, Hamline, and possibly Harvard as his next steps towards political prowess. Gbadamosi is also interested in becoming a legislator or even perhaps mayor of Apple Valley.