Concordia St. Paul News

December 16, 2011

CSP’s Bailey Receives Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award

Concordia’s Nancy Bailey and her husband, Steve, have been named the 2011 Outstanding Volunteers of the Year by the City of St. Paul and the Summit Hill Association.  Bailey, who serves as the Advancement Administrative Assistant and resident historian, is being honored for her outstanding work with the Hamline/Midway History Core.

Nancy and Steve have worked to research the history of their St. Paul neighborhood, going back into the early 1800’s.  They have grown a matchbook collection from local businesses throughout the ages and have worked to date every house in the neighborhood.  The couple is so passionate about their research that they have dedicated nearly every weekend to the task.  Their findings are compiled and delivered in an annual presentation at the old Hamline Library.  Several of the Bailey’s articles are available online  on the Hamline-Midway History Corps website, along with photos of their matchbook collection.

The Baileys will receive the 2011 Outstanding Volunteer Award at reception on Friday, January 20, held at the University of St. Thomas.