Concordia St. Paul News

April 13, 2016

DPT Students to Experience Clinical Internship in Italy

Students from Concordia University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program have a unique opportunity to experience clinical internships in Italy as part of a new partnership with the non-profit health education management company Eduglobal Associates.

Partnered with Italian clinical instructors fluent in both English and Italian, students will serve their full-time clinical internships at neurologic and orthopedic rehabilitation facilities in either Gavinana or Umbertide, Italy. The Italian Clinical Instructors have additional training on the standard Clinical Performance Instrument utilized by Physical Therapy programs throughout the United States.

“Our students will be able to experience another culture and healthcare system; information that can be translated and help them with their future career,” Dr. Lyndsey Vandenberg, Co-Director of Clinical Education for Concordia’s DPT program said. “We anticipate them coming away with numerous benefits, but number one would be the diversity of culture and healthcare.”

A group of three 2nd–year DPT students will spend 12 weeks in Italy beginning in January 2017, followed by an eight-week stint for four 1st-year DPT students from August to October 2017.  Dr. Vandenberg said Concordia plans to send students through this program on an annual basis.

In order to be selected for this competitive internship students complete a two-step application process (one with CSP’s DPT program and one with the Italian team) and write an essay. Concordia’s students are competing against students from other universities across the United States for slots in the program.

Eduglobal Associates, which has partnerships with 37 universities in the U.S., provides international education experiences to healthcare students in the United States and Europe.