Concordia St. Paul News

February 15, 2013

Higher Ground Academy

Higher Ground Academy, a public charter school located at 1381 Marshall Avenue in Saint Paul, Minnesota, has filed an application with its authorizer, Concordia University, to expand its academic program to a second location. Higher Ground Academy currently offers grades Kindergarten through 12 and enrolls over 600 students.  The plan is to open a second site for the school in the south part of the metro, called Higher Ground Academy South, to serve students in grades Kindergarten through 5. It is anticipated that the second site would eventually serve 450 students.

Higher Ground Academy’s mission to “create a socially committed, morally responsible and ethnically diverse learning environment that values students individually and collectively.” The tenants of the Academy’s vision is that all children can learn all of the time; that experience teaches immediately and that expectations are built on experience. This vision and purpose of Higher Ground Academy therefore, is to encourage student’s maximum intellectual and leadership development to meet 21st century educational standards of education.  Higher Ground Academy South would not be a second school but a second site for the existing school so the same mission and educational philosophy will continue.

Concordia University is seeking public input regarding the school’s application to expand to a second site. If you have comments please direct them to the following email address: