Concordia St. Paul News

August 16, 2012

Luther Statue Moved to New Campus Location

“Meet me at Luther” has a new meaning as the most significant landmark on the Concordia University, St. Paul campus – the 12-foot bronze statue of Martin Luther – was moved Aug. 14 to a more visible location along Hamline Ave., establishing a new official entrance to campus.

Moving the 3,700-pound statue and 40-ton granite pedestal it sits atop required the heavy lifting of a crane, while a flatbed tractor-trailer was used to haul the statue from its most recent perch outside the Poehler Administration Building on the east side of campus.

“I can’t think of a better location on campus for us to make a statement about our heritage and values,” said Rev. Tom Ries, university president. “The statue is now highly visible to our visiting alumni, benefactors, prospective students, theatre and music event goers, and the thousands who travel Hamline Avenue daily.”

The new location is the statue’s third home in its 91-year history on campus. Dedicated on October 30, 1921, the statue originally stood in front of Luther Hall before being moved in 1969 to the location outside the Poehler Administration Building.

The statue was donated to the university by Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Rubbert. It depicts Martin Luther pointing to a Bible during his courageous stand at the Diet of Worms in 1521 when he defended the Bible as the source of his faith confessing, “Here I stand; I cannot do otherwise: God help me! Amen.”