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Community Action, Leadership and Learning (CALL) Center


We seek to provide you gateway experiences to a lifelong commitment to service and social justice and to help you discern your life’s vocation or career path through a variety of service-learning experiences. Activities include working with local immigrant populations, after-school programs, tutoring, and housing and homelessness issues. Service trips are available every year, offering you the opportunity to see the world while you serve communities in places like Jamaica, Guatemala and right here in the domestic US.

What is service-learning?

Service-learning is an approach to teaching and learning that intentionally combines meaningful community or public service with an academic application, development of civic responsibilities and personal growth. Service-learning opportunities are ones that are mutually beneficial. They can involve direct service, indirect service, research or advocacy, and can either be part of a class or co-curricular.

Service-learning is a pedagogy, and as such, service-learning students are not “volunteers” who merely fulfill whatever tasks an agency needs accomplished. The service is as much an integral part of the learning experience as traditional instructional methods, and as much a required component as readings and other assignments.

Study Abroad

The CALL center coordinates Concordia’s study abroad program. Immerse yourself in a new culture while learning in a global context. Visit the Study Abroad page and start planning your abroad experience!


The CALL Center coordinates volunteer opportunities for students, faculty and staff throughout the calendar year. Join us at one of our annual volunteer events like the “Live with Purpose” event during Welcome Week or the Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Challenge. Small group volunteering is available every month. We work with over 100 local non-profits and are happy to help you find a niche where you can spend your time doing meaningful work to give back to the community.

IGNITE Leadership Program

IGNITE is designed to kindle your leadership potential, fuel your passion and transform you into one of tomorrow’s leaders. The IGNITE Leadership Development Certificate is an experiential education program, consisting of a series of trainings and service activities. The flexible program offers you several ways to fulfill the requirements for certificate completion. Your leadership certificate will be included on your college transcript and you will be honored for your achievement at graduation. Visit the Ignite student leadership site for more information.