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Comet Cards

All Concordia University, St. Paul students receive a Comet Card that functions as the official Campus Identification Card. This card has many features that you’re able to activate and begin using the day you receive your card.


Your Comet Card includes basic information such as your identification number (L number). This number will be very useful to you in your program and is referenced frequently. Your Comet Card also serves as your library card. For more information about the library, please view their website.

Extra Features

Flex Points are used to purchase items at the Commons Café, the Student Union, and the Dining Hall.

To activate please contact Card Services at 651-641-8788 or email

How do I add money to my Concordia Cash?
Where do I add money to my Flex Points?
  • Add Flex Points money at the Sodexo office, located in the Dining Hall
  • Phone: (651) 641-8275

Treat your Comet Card the same as you would cash! You are responsible for the use and security of your card.

  • Concordia University, St. Paul is not liable for unauthorized activity on your card if it is lost or stolen.
If my card is stolen, can someone else spend the money in my debit accounts?

Yes! Your card is the same as cash, so take the same security measures with it as you would with cash. Immediately report a stolen card to Card Services at (651) 641-8788 so that it can be deactivated to prevent unauthorized use of funds in your debit accounts.


Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received regarding the Concordia Comet Card.

How do I replace a lost or stolen Comet Card?

Contact Card Services at 651-641-8788, email, or stop by the Card Services office (Campus Security, Meyer Hall 124).

How do I replace a broken, worn out, or nonworking Comet Card?

Come to the Card Services office (Campus Security, Meyer Hall 124) with the broken card and we will replace your card for free. If you have punched holes in your Comet Card it will cost $5.00 to replace.

How does my card work to make copies?

You can make copies at the copy center or in the library. Just swipe your card!

How does my card work in the Gangelhoff Center or Bear Den?

Swipe your Comet Card through the card readers located at the main entrance of the Gangelhoff Center to gain access to the arena, locker rooms and weight center. For orientation to the Bear Den Fitness Center contact Conference and Events.

Why does my card have an expiration date?

The expiration date represents the end of your program.

Photo Cards

The Card Services office strives to include a personal photo on every Comet Card. This picture is important to us for security reasons, but also so we can see and know who you are. If you do not have a picture on your Comet Card, we would love to assist you in adding one. This can be done in several ways:

Contact Card Services at 651-641-8788 or to set up an appointment.

  • Our regular hours are 8 AM – 4 PM, Monday – Friday.
  • We are located in the Campus Security office, Meyer Hall 124
  • Please bring a photo ID and your current Comet Card (if you have one) to your appointment.

Email a photo of yourself showing only your head and top of shoulders (passport style) to Card Services.

  • Include your name, cohort number, ID number (L number) and address.
  • The photo will be imported to your Comet Card and either mailed to you or given to your advisor to return to you.

Contact Card Services

Visit the Card Services Website

Phone: 651-641-8788
Location: Meyer Hall 124
Hours: 8am-6pm during Fall and Spring Semesters