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ELL: Who We Are

Concordia University St. Paul’s English Language Lab (ELL) provides free English language support services for non-native English speakers. Culturally sensitive student ELL staff provides direct English learning support in both a small group format and individual appointments upon request and availability. Our goals are to help students develop confidence when using English, improve academic skills and grow as independent learners.

What We Do

ELL staff work with students to provide support in the following areas:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Understanding assignments & class expectations
  • Public speaking
  • Preparing for class presentations
  • Strategies for class participation
  • Vocabulary development
  • Note-taking skills
  • Exam preparation
  • Setting academic goals
  • Time Management

Meet our Global Mentor Tutors


Major: Theology

Favorite Activities: Reading, origami, browsing YouTube

Favorite place(s) to travel: Anywhere with a zoo or botanical garden.

Favorite Food: Culver’s custard

Favorite thing about Concordia:  Concordia’s small size makes it easy to interact with the professors and I appreciate the environment of Christian fellowship that CSP provides.

Goals after graduation: I plan to go to one of the LCMS seminaries and continue my training as a deaconess.


Major: English as a Second Language

Favorite Activities: Shopping, traveling, hanging out with friends

Favorite place(s) to travel: California, Chicago, Asia

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite thing about Concordia: It’s a diverse campus with a lot of opportunities for everyone.

Goals after graduation: Teaching English in South Korea for a few years!


Major: Communications with minors in Political Science and Writing Communications

Favorite Activities: Hiking, cooking, and adventuring the cities

Favorite place(s) to travel: Colorado (there’s just something about those mountains!)

Favorite Food: Mediterranean food

Favorite thing about Concordia: There really is something for everyone here and the amount of support you receive from professors and peers is amazing.

Goals after graduation: Start a dog family and find a career focused around bettering our world for the future.


Major: Public Policy

Favorite Activities: Art, Writing, and Travel.

Favorite place(s) to travel: Asia

Favorite Food: Any Hmong/Lao/Thai food

Favorite thing about Concordia: Small campus

Goals after graduation: Working in a professional field involving national and international issues.


Major: Communication Studies

Favorite Activities: drawing, watching Stranger Things & Bob’s Burgers

Favorite place(s) to travel: Belize

Favorite Food: too many to choose from!

Favorite thing about Concordia: Meeting and working with so many new people.

Goals after graduation: Explore the world and figure out where to go next!

Contact English Language Lab

The ELL has moved to the library.

For general questions email cahill@csp.edu or call 651-641-8864.

You can request assistance or your professor may send us a referral form. If referred, the ELL will connect with you to arrange a time to come in and discuss your needs. To ensure tutor availability and maximize your time at the ELL please email Colleen Cahill at cahill@csp.edu to make an appointment.