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Technology Requirements

Concordia University, St. Paul, utilizes Blackboard as the online learning environment for a variety of face-to-face, blended delivery, and fully online courses. Some traditional day courses and all School of Continuing Studies and cohort programs use Blackboard to communicate, submit assignments, and display course curriculum. There are many advantages to an online learning environment; course work is housed in one location that is accessible at any time from anywhere with an Internet connection.

In order to be successful in this type of academic environment, students and faculty should be self-directed learners and comfortable using a computer. Individuals who meet the following requirements prior to the start of the course or program usually feel comfortable with Blackboard after a brief introductory period. These requirements are intended to ensure the success of your successful course participation and should be in place prior to your first course.

Computer Requirements

Concordia University, St. Paul, only supports the use of a computer that meets the standards below. There is a possibility that other systems may perform adequately, but they are not supported by University technology support personnel and / or the Blackboard Corporation.

Computer Requirements:Recommended:
Internet Connection *Minimum 3G – Cellular, Satellite, DSL, or Cable Modem Broadband connection speed and local control over any blocked ports
BrowserAt least two up-to-date browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera or Safari) Configured to allow JavaScript, java, cookies, pop-ups from Concordia University-St. Paul
Software **Microsoft Office Suite or compatible software capable of reading and creating the following extensions: docx, xlsx, pptx Java, QuickTime, Flash player, Adobe reader or compatible software Up-to-date Antivirus Software (that can be managed locally to allow Concordia University-St. Paul content) Other program specific software*
ProcessorAt least 2Ghz Manufactured within the last 3 years
PeripheralsMonitor capable of minimum 1024 x 768 resolution
You must ensure that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) does not have a firewall as it may interfere with certain online course features, most notably chat rooms. This mainly happens in workplace networks, but can occur if you have installed additional security measures at home. If you have installed Norton Utilities, Yahoo or Google toolbars, or any other pop-up blocker, you will need to work with their support systems to adjust your settings to allow content from Concordia University, St. Paul.

** Specific courses or degree programs may have additional requirements; please see your Admission Counselor for further information.

Technology Skills

If you do not currently possess the following skills, we recommend seeking additional training prior to your participation in a course that utilizes Blackboard.

Required Proficiency:Recommended:
InternetAccessing specific web addresses (URLs), Able to follow walkthrough to configure web browser.
E-mailComposing Sending and Customizing messages through an e-mail client, Attaching and retrieving documents
Computer *Managing Files (creating folders, move, copying, delete and backup files), Word, Excel, and PowerPoint basics (cut and paste, save as, inserting multimedia, working with charts and graphs, formatting and printing documents), Comfortable running Antivirus Scans.
* Specific courses or programs may have additional requirements; please see your Admission Counselor for further information.

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