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Vocational Curriculum Analysis (Vo-CAT)

The Vocational Curriculum Analysis Tool (Vo-CAT) is a self-assessment and planning guide designed to help university programs conduct clear, complete, and consistent analyses of written curricula, based upon the institutions vocational promise statement.

  • This section will provide a short summary. It will have a button to take users to a page that discusses the history, purposes, and background of the Vo-CAT.

  • To learn how to complete the self-assessment of your program’s curriculum components that correspond to the institutional vocational statement, click “Vo-CAT Assessment Page” below.

  • This section will provide a summary and link for Improvement plan resources.  It will take users to a page that holds PDF’s, charts, suggestions, and recommendations.

  • This will have a summary of vocational ideas. It will have a button that takes users to a page holding research, reports, etc.

    This tool was made possible by the Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE)