We Are Concordia

Every graduate’s life – before, during and after Concordia – is a thread in the 122-year-old fabric of Concordia St. Paul. The lives of CSP graduates tell the story of Concordia, a story of faith, knowledge, perseverance, family, ingenuity and passion.

We Are Concordia is a project that catalogues the lives of Concordia alumni. It provides a glimpse into the experiences and values that define individuals and, ultimately, reflects on Concordia as a whole.

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Mohammed Aldossary picture
"If you want to be successful, be open to other people. Everyone will help - especially at Concordia. They will not stop until they make you a successful person." ...Read More
Riley Hanson picture
"I've always tried to pride myself on living with a purpose unselfishly and Concordia has been a wonderful backdrop for that." ...Read More
Ariel Dolmos-Jones picture
"My favorite thing about Concordia is the diversity. You will see so many cultures all come together as one community." ...Read More
Mick Sawinski picture
"I was able to begin building a professional network while still in college." ...Read More
Jimmy Mireri picture
"I think it's important to have representation from all races in education." ...Read More
Jordyn Joens picture
"The real-life work of identifying a market opportunity and developing a solution to address it is an important lesson that I’ve been able to take with me from Concordia to Ovative.” ...Read More
Jasmin Ziegler picture
“Language will always be power. Finding value in my own voice is the best thing that came of my experience at Concordia.” ...Read More
Rex Johnson picture
“My Concordia education taught me hard work is the key to success. I think the biggest impact my professors had on me was motivating me ...Read More
Liz Hunt picture
“My plans are completely different than the track I thought I was supposed to be on. I know I’m meant to heal and I’ll be doing it in another capacity with my fitness center.” ...Read More
Emily Karlen picture
“It seems like every class I take, there’s something absolutely parallel in my work environment. For me, the richness comes in being able to ...Read More
Brooke Schwanz picture
“I am already experiencing the benefits of my decision to go to Concordia in the way I approach problems, analyze data, develop goals, and execute projects.” ...Read More
Ryan Curl picture
“Our cohort leader, Christine Kudelka, helped us navigate the bigger picture of how each class connected to each other and the bigger view of our industries.” ...Read More
Nhungoc Luong picture
“Concordia helped me figure out who I am and my values. The professors and staff were helpful in recognizing my strengths and weaknesses. The small and supportive community paved the way to where I am right now.” ...Read More
Jaclyn Milton picture
“It’s an honor to be able to make a unique difference in families’ lives.” ...Read More
Nasra Hussein picture
“In Somali culture, being a doctor is held in very high regard. My parents are proud of me. My dad goes around saying, ‘This is my daughter. She’s going to be a pediatrician.’ ...Read More
Amy Abrigo picture
“Everything I have done at CSP in one way or another has prepared me for my career.” ...Read More