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Marketing and Communications

By creating a strong brand, we can continue to shape the way people think about Concordia University for the better.

The brand is built upon what is fundamentally true, unique and differentiating about our University. It is drawn from our history and our identity. The look, feel, and tone contained in our brand standards reflect who and what Concordia University, St. Paul is and aspires to become.

It is important that we are mindful in the way we present Concordia University. Using our brand standards will ensure that the look and feel of Concordia University stays consistent when it seen by the wider world.

Additional Information

  • The new structure of the Department of Marketing and Communication allowed for the opportunity to partner with The Lawlor Group.  This new partnership has illuminated the need for University Branding. The reality is Concordia University, St. Paul is an outstanding place that is not as well-known as it should be in our community. With the work of several campus constituents, we have arrived on a new tagline and positioning statement:

    A college degree from Concordia University, St. Paul is a great investment value.

    Here private education is a value investment.

    Tagline: Responsive. Relevant. Real.

  • CSP’s Shield

    The Concordia University, Saint Paul logo is in the form of a window symbolizing Christian higher education as a window on life. Framed within the window, a cross emerges, which identifies Christ as the center of life. The asymmetrical window and cross reflect that life is not always logical or consistent, but Christ holds all things together. The four complementary colors represent harmony in diversity and harmony in Christ.

    • Cross: The cross portrays our mission to educate students in the context of the Christian Gospel. The Good News of Jesus Christ forms the basis of life and education at Concordia.
    • Quill: The quill is taken from our academic seal and represents our tradition and commitment to academic excellence and the love of learning.
    • Individual: The individual represents our serving the individual student while encouraging their personal development and responsibility the education process. The outstretched arms imply reaching out to others, openness to the community.
    • Globe: The globe reminds us of our world community and Christ’s command to teach all nations. It also reflects our concern for enlightened care of God’s creation, which is part of our mission statement.
  • Nick Schroepfer

    Director of Marketing

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    Courtney Place

    Digital and Social Manager

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    Abby Terrell

    Graphic Designer

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    Daniel Appel

    Digital Content Creator & Project Manager

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    Mackenzie Grubbs

    Digital Content Writer

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