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Ignite Leadership Certificate Program

What is Ignite?

The Ignite Leadership Certificate Program (Ignite) supports students in identifying, developing, and refining their leadership skills and abilities through programming in 10 different competency areas. Participating in Ignite is a great way to meet and engage with other student leaders, to develop workforce-ready leadership skills, and to become a more socially-just leader. Program completion is highlighted on a student’s official CSP transcript and at commencement and is free and open to all Concordia undergraduate students. Click on the boxes below to explore the competencies!



In the 2022-2023 school year the Ignite Leadership program had 330 attendees at events.


In the 2022-2023 school year the Ignite Leadership program had 34 majors represented in the program.

10 Competencies

  • As leaders, we cannot lead others until we know ourselves. This competency area allows you to explore your emotional awareness and how it impacts others around you. Learn effective skills within resiliency, coping, and management of feelings that lead to action.

  • Fulfill this competency area by attending the Fall Leadership Retreat. The Fall Leadership Retreat takes place once a year in October. We spend 3 days and 2 nights at a camp doing community building activities, leadership workshops, high/low ropes course, and eating s’mores! The retreat might look different this year. However, students will still participate in community building and leadership development opportunities.


  • Every student, individual, and human-being is unique. Critically-engage with your own identities and understand the importance of being an inclusive, equitable, and a socially-just leader.

  • Understanding and seeing who you are as a person can lead to more confidence and creativity. The Self-Awareness competency is completed through the StrengthsFinder, a leadership assessment inventory. By completing a StrengthsFinder assessment, you will discover what you naturally do best, learn how to develop your greatest talents into strengths, and use your results to maximize your leadership potential.

  • Great leaders know when to take charge and when to take a step back. Discover how you work best with others and how you can support teamwork, collaboration, and a group process.

  • Making difficult decisions is a crucial aspect of becoming an adult. Explore what it means to make effective choices that benefit and uplift others around you while prioritizing your core values and ethics.

  • Failing is a natural part of being a leader. It’s what comes after that counts. Learn how to gracefully receive feedback and adapt your leadership style accordingly.

  • Through creativity comes innovation. Using your developed sense of creativity, you will learn how to think outside the box, both in person and online.

  • An effective leader is in tune with their community. We encourage each member of Ignite to find their niche within the community by participating in service-learning hours.

  • Be a changemaker! In an ever adapting world, how will you leverage your skills and talents to be bold, be ready, be you? Set goals, establish future trajectory, and articulate your leadership strengths to future employers!

How has Ignite impacted your life?

Ignite has had a significant impact on my life. It has made me more self-aware as well as aware of my peers. It has taught me that in order to be a great leader, you must first understand yourself before you can lead others effectively. You must be willing to be vulnerable and open to contrary views. Ultimately, Ignite has taught me that leadership is all about compassion, integrity, and empathy for oneself first and then for one’s peers.

— Alexcia Zeller

Selfie at Ignite Leadership event

Ready to start your leadership journey?

Ignite prepares you to be a thoughtful, informed, and authentic leader. By completing the 10 Ignite competency areas, you will gain valuable knowledge, self-awareness, and skills that you will use in your future careers and passion projects.

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