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Students’ Right To Know

In accordance with federal law, current and prospective students and their parents have the right to know certain information about Concordia University, St. Paul, including a variety of academic information, financial aid information, institutional information, and information on graduation rates, campus safety, and equity in athletics.

As part of CSP’s compliance with federal law, it offers the following information:

  • Information on the accreditation of Concordia University, St. Paul and its programs.

  • Information on Concordia University, St. Paul facilities, buildings, and residence halls.

  • Family Educational Rights And Privacy Act (FERPA) – Confidentiality

    Students enrolled at Concordia University, Saint Paul, are required to give certain information in order that the University may make reasonable judgments about them, provide services, and give informed advice regarding courses to be followed. Such personal data and information may become part of the student education record. Students may make the justifiable assumption that the University, as custodian of this data, will preserve the data’s private nature. By requiring or requesting such information, Concordia University gives assurance that the information will be protected against improper disclosure.

    CSP Observes the Following Principles:

    1. Appropriate Concordia University officials are held directly responsible and accountable for the careful protection of student education records against possible misuse.
    2. Within Concordia University, student education records will be used only for appropriate research, educational, and Concordia University administrative functions. Access to those records is allowed only to those members of Concordia University community whose designated responsibilities reasonably require access or to persons to whom the student has given written permission for access.
    3. Concordia University provides the student with the right to access, inspect and obtain copies of all information in student education records except
      • financial information submitted by parents and
      • confidential letters and recommendations collected under established policies of confidentiality or to which the student has waived in writing the right of inspection and review.
    4. Concordia University gives students the right to request amendment of the contents of student education records, to have a hearing if the result of the request for amendment is unsatisfactory, and to include a statement for inclusion in the record if the decision resulting from the hearing is unacceptable to the student.
    5. Concordia University notifies students annually of their privacy rights, their right to file complaints concerning alleged failures of Concordia University to comply with their privacy rights, and where copies of the Concordia University policy and procedures on access to student records may be obtained.
    6. The student education records of Concordia University vary in their nature and location. Steps taken to protect against improper disclosure are designed for the circumstance.

    Campus ESP – The CSP Community and Family Portal

    We’re excited to announce that CSP is introducing an easier way to manage and share your student information. The CSP Community and Family Portal is a platform that specializes in communicating relevant information regarding campus news and approved student information to your designated support person. Once signed up, your family member or support person can request information, keep up with your academic progress, financial aid, and even make a payment – all from The CSP Community and Family Portal.

    How to Request Access to Student Information

    1. Click “Log in here.”

    2. Select the Graduation Cap icon at the top.

    3. Click on to go to “My Connections”

    4. Enter the student’s CSP email address.

    5. Designate a pin.

    6. Select the areas that you would like to request access.

    As a CSP student, you are able to share approved student information with supporters (family members, etc.)

    Students should be on the lookout for an email requesting access and determine requestor access.

  • Information on financial aid and scholarships specific to Concordia University, St. Paul as well as general information about federal financial aid programs.

  • Information specific to student rights under Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) as implemented by Concordia University, St. Paul.

  • Information from campus security reports, including crime rates, sexual assault procedures and safety tips.