AdmissionsPost-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

PSEO at Concordia St. Paul

The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program at Concordia provides Minnesota juniors and seniors an opportunity to enroll in college courses without being charged for tuition or books.

Features of the PSEO Program

  • Students with a 3.25 unweighted GPA or higher are encouraged to apply
  • Additional fees may not be covered by the PSEO program (i.e. technology fees, etc.)
  • On campus and online options

Application Deadline

  • Spring 2020 Application Deadline: Tuesday, December 3, 2019
  • Application for Fall 2020 will open in January 2020

Spring 2020 PSEO Application Process

Online Application

When completing the application, be sure to select “PSEO” in the Academic Level field.

High School Transcripts

Submit official copies of your high school transcripts (public, private, or home school)

Transcripts must be submitted to CSP through a secure online portal or in a sealed envelope to the Office of Admissions in order to be considered official.

If you submit transcripts in person, they must be presented in a sealed envelope from your institution.

Personal Statement

Statements must be typed, 500 words or less, double-spaced and include student name, student email, student phone number, and current high school name in the upper right-hand corner.

Completed statements should be saved as a PDF file and uploaded to your application account or emailed to

Please address the following two items in the statement:

  1. Explain why you feel you will be a successful PSEO student at Concordia University and address the steps you will take to ensure success.
  2. Please list the PSEO courses you hope to register for in accordance to your high school graduation requirements.

Courses listed are not initially used to register students for courses but to ensure PSEO students are aware of courses they will need.

PSEO Notice of Student Registration Form 

This form must contain a wet signature, meaning the original copy must be signed and mailed to CSP Admissions. Emailed, scanned, or non-original documents cannot be accepted. Please contact with any questions about submitting this form.

Note: This form is also called the “Minnesota State Form”.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will qualified applicants be notified about their admissions status?

Enrollment decisions will be emailed approximately three weeks after the application deadline has passed.

How many credits may a PSEO student take?

Credit load can vary from 4-16 credits per semester. Typically, Juniors may take up to 12 credits per semester and Seniors may take up to 16 credits.

When do PSEO students register for classes?

PSEO students will be invited to register for classes via email.

How do you know what college classes a PSEO student is academically prepared to handle?

A PSEO advisor walks each PSEO student through the registration process. Students will be encouraged to take classes based on previous academic experience.

Is on-campus housing available?

Campus housing may be available to PSEO students depending on availability. For more information, contact the Office of Admissions at 651-641-8230 or

Is there a PSEO Orientation?

Yes.  All admitted PSEO students will be asked to attend an orientation event on the CSP campus.  Attending Orientation is mandatory for enrollment.

More information will be provided upon acceptance.

What courses can I take as a PSEO student?

Students have the opportunity to take 100-200 level courses on campus or online (note: upper-level courses are available with permission of the instructor).

How do I search for courses?

Course availability can be determined by searching our course catalog.  To do so:

  1. Open the CSP Course Catalog
  2. In the “Search by Term” field, select “Spring Semester 2020”
  3. From here, you may customize your search as you wish:
    • Subject field
      • To search all subjects: Click on the first option (Accounting), scroll to the bottom of the list, and select the last subject (Theatre) while holding the “Shift” key
      • To narrow your search by subject: Click on your subject of interest. To select multiple subjects, hold on the “Ctrl” key while selecting the areas of interest
    • Schedule Type field
      • PSEO students are eligible to take courses from the “Traditional Face-to-Face”, “Traditional On-Line” and “Continuing Studies On-Line” options

Please contact Brenda Vue at with any questions navigating the course search site.

Are any options unavailable for PSEO?

Excluded from PSEO: Religion courses, private music lessons, independent studies, summer courses, courses with required travel, work-study, and DII athletics.

Alum/PSEO Student Highlights

Grady Wieczorek

Grady Wieczorek is a recent graduate of CSP’s marketing program and began his journey at CSP as a PSEO student. Grady was interested in PSEO because it offered an early way to benefit from the college educational system while providing partial relief from the financial stress pursuing higher education can present. “PSEO is a cost-efficient way to invest in your future,” he explained.

“I wanted to continue my college experience at CSP because I valued the personal community, the variety of professors, and the opportunities (in class and outside of class) that I was given.”

Gabie Yang

Gabie Yang is a senior majoring in English with an emphasis in creative writing. She was introduced to CSP as a PSEO student. Both of her sisters were PSEO students and encouraged Gabie to enroll because it would help her save money. Toward the middle of her junior year, she decided she wanted an experience that would help with her transition from high school to college. That year, Gabie enrolled as a full-time PSEO student. 

“Even as a PSEO student, I started to feel like a real college student since I had the freedom to choose my own schedule and the experience I had in my classes,” she added.

Along with that freedom, Gabie enjoyed her classes and the deeper discussions they offered.

“Since the class sizes at CSP are small, it’s easier to connect with your professors and get to know them better. They care a lot about your success, just as you do.”

Mac Wieczorek

Mac Wieczorek is a senior in high school, but academically, is a junior in college. He is studying marketing at CSP and began his path as a PSEO student. He found the PSEO program enticing because it offered a way to maximize his time while minimizing the potential debt he would owe by attending college. He has stayed with CSP because of the community.

“I love the campus and the feel of the classrooms. I have felt supported by my parents, professors, and fellow classmates. You are a name and not just a number at CSP.”

Nick Wagenknecht

Nick Wagenknecht is a theology major and coaching minor who recently gradatuated in 2019. His college journey began as a PSEO student at CSP. He was drawn to PSEO because he knew it would give him a head start on his college education. In addition, Nick credits CSP’s diversity and tight-knit community for allowing him to make friends with a wide variety of people from different walks of life.

“As a PSEO student at CSP, I was able to make friends with a wide variety of people from different walks of life which has helped me to be a better person than who I was when I started.”

Questions about PSEO?

Please contact our PSEO admissions counselor Brenda Vue at with any questions you have about PSEO at CSP.

Submitting Materials to Concordia

by mail:
Concordia University – St. Paul
Attn: PSEO Admissions
1282 Concordia Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104

by email:

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