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What is PSEO?

High school students can earn college credits by enrolling in CSP’s PSEO (Postsecondary Enrollment Options) program. Find out how to join the program, read FAQs, and hear from a current PSEO student below.

Why Choose PSEO at CSP?

Real College Experience

  • Take college courses
  • Join student clubs
  • Attend campus events

Free College Headstart

  • Earn free college credits
  • Explore your academic interests
  • Choose CSP after PSEO for a $1,000 yearly scholarship

Flexible Format Options

  • Online
  • On campus
  • Blended

Applying to our pseo program

  • Create an account and submit our online application:

    1. Start Your Application
    2. Select Academic Level: PSEO
    3. Select Academic Program: PSEO

    Once submitted, you can follow your application process through the application portal.

  • Three ways to request your high school transcript:

    1. Request your official transcript online
    2. Upload your unofficial transcript directly to your application portal
    3. Have your unofficial or official transcript emailed to [email protected].

    Official transcripts will be required prior to enrollment.

  • MN Department of Education requires all PSEO students to complete the PSEO Notice of Student Registration form (MN State Form) prior to admittance or registration to the university. Please follow the steps below to accurately fill out this form.

    1. Download PSEO Notice of Student Registration Form

       2. Ensure all required areas in sections 1 & 2 are filled out

       3. Obtain all signatures (wet or digital signatures accepted)

      • Yours, a parent/guardian, and your high school counselor’s or administrator’s signatures are required

       4. Save the completed form as a PDF file

       5. Upload form to your CSP application portal or email the completed form as a PDF attachment to [email protected]

    Incomplete forms will be returned and will not fulfill this admissions requirement.

  • CSP requires you to have access to the following technology to participate in our PSEO program:
    • Webcam and microphone
    • High-speed internet connection
    • Standard operating system: Microsoft Windows or MacOS; no tablets or Chromebooks
    • Additional software: Java, QuickTime, Flash player, or Adobe Reader

    Learn more

PSEO Eligibility

  • Be a junior or senior in high school when you start PSEO
  • Reside in the state of Minnesota
  • While there is no minimum requirement, a high school GPA of 3.00 or higher (unweighted) is preferred.

Important Dates

  • Beginning June 13, 2024 incoming Fall 2024 PSEO students can get registered for classes by contacting [email protected]
  • Fall PSEO application opens in January
  • Spring PSEO application opens in September


  • Fall Start Deadline: May 1
  • Spring Start Deadline: December 1

Apply to PSEO at CSP

Start your PSEO journey to CSP today and apply now!

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Welcoming Environment

“The smaller classroom sizes alongside the friendliness of the staff provide a welcoming environment for incoming freshmen like myself. CSP has helped me as a PSEO student by providing me with knowledge about college and how classes work before entering college.” 

Olif Yoseph, CSP PSEO student

Frequently Asked Questions

New PSEO Students

  • The PSEO program at CSP is very competitive, meaning only a select number of applicants will be admitted each semester. Our admissions review is holistic, taking into consideration both academic and personal attributes presented by applicants to determine the best fit for the CSP community.

  • Completed applications will be reviewed and emailed within 2-3 business days.

  • While there is not a minimum requirement, a high school GPA of 3.00 or higher (unweighted) is preferred.

  • Credit load can vary from 4-16 credits per semester. Typically, Juniors may take up to 12 credits per semester and Seniors may take up to 16 credits.

  • PSEO students will be invited to register for classes via email.

  • A PSEO advisor walks each PSEO student through the registration process. Students will be encouraged to take classes based on previous academic experience.

  • Yes. Students admitted to the PSEO program can complete an online orientation. More information will be provided upon acceptance.

  • All courses taken in PSEO must meet graduation requirements at the high school.

    Students have the opportunity to take 100-200 level General Education courses* on campus or online. A listing of all General Education courses can be found here.

    *Please note that the Religion and Theology courses offered at CSP cannot be taken as a PSEO student due to MDE PSEO program guidelines.

  • Course availability can be determined by searching our course catalog.  To do so:

    1. Open the CSP Course Catalog
    2. In the “Search by Term” field, select “Fall Semester 20XX”
    3. From here, you may customize your search as you wish:
      • Subject field
        • To search all subjects: Click on the first option (Accounting), scroll to the bottom of the list, and select the last subject (Theatre) while holding the “Shift” key
        • To narrow your search by subject: Click on your subject of interest. To select multiple subjects, hold on the “Ctrl” key while selecting the areas of interest
      • Schedule Type field
        • PSEO students are eligible to take courses from the “Traditional Face-to-Face”, “Traditional On-Line” and “Continuing Studies On-Line” options
  • Excluded from PSEO: Religion courses, private music lessons, independent studies, summer courses, courses with required travel, work-study, DII athletics, and upper-level courses (300-400).

  • As an enrolled PSEO student you will not be charged for tuition or books. Additional fees (ie: technology) may not be covered by the program.

    Note: Public school students are required to inform their district of their intent to enroll in PSEO courses during the following school year by May 30. If public school students do not notify the enrolling district by May 30, and the enrolling district does not waive the deadline, the family may be responsible for the postsecondary tuition expense.

    • The cost for all required textbooks is covered under the PSEO program. It also covers supplies that are required specifically for a class (ie: art supplies, film, etc.).
    • Textbooks and materials provided to the student are the property of the postsecondary institution and must be returned by the student after the course has ended.
    • The program does not cover general school supplies such as notebooks, pens, pencils, etc., or non-consumable supplies such as, instrument rental, uniforms, etc.
    • Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the PSEO student.
  • While scholarships are not awarded to PSEO students, your enrollment will make you eligible for a future CSP scholarship.

    Students who attend CSP in the PSEO program and later enroll in our traditional undergraduate program will receive our CSP PSEO Scholarship, which awards $1,000 per academic year. Learn more on our scholarships site (Under “CSP Scholarships in Partnership”) or connect with your admissions counselor.

Returning PSEO Students

  • Returning PSEO students are responsible for and must submit a NOSR Form every semester. Any incomplete forms will be returned. In order to register for courses, a completed NOSR form must be emailed to your PSEO Academic Advisor.

  • All communication will be sent to your CSP-issued email address. Please ensure you are utilizing this account for important messages (not your personal or high school email) as it is the main communication between you and your PSEO Academic Advisor. For assistance logging in to your account, the helpdesk can be reached at [email protected] or 651-641-8866.

    • Prior to registration, please consult with your high school counselor to confirm classes that will fulfill your high school requirements. 
    • Open registration instructions will be sent to you by your PSEO Academic Advisor. Any schedule changes will need to be made through your PSEO Academic Advisor.
  • PSEO students have access to their unofficial transcript on CSP Connect. Students can order their official transcript here.