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Tuition and Financial Aid

Concordia St. Paul is one of the most affordable private colleges in Minnesota. At CSP we understand cost is a significant factor for students and parents when choosing a college, and to help make your education at Concordia even more affordable we offer comprehensive financial aid packages which can include generous institutional and private scholarship opportunities.

Visit the site that matches your program for complete tuition and financial aid information.




Contact Admissions: [email protected]

Traditional Undergraduate Tuition

  • 2023-2024 Academic Year Year Cost Semester Cost
    Tuition (12-19 credits) $25,000 ($12,500 per semester)
    Residence Hall / Food Services $10,800 ($5,400 per semester)
    Total $35,800 ($17,900 per semester)
    2022-2023 Academic Year Year Cost Semester Cost
    Tuition (12-19 credits) $24,400 ($12,200 Fall & Spring)
    Residence Hall / Food Services $10,200 ($5,100 Fall & Spring
    Total $34,600 ($17,300 per semester)

    *International Sponsored Student Tuition listed within the Additional Fees tab
    *Please review the additional Nursing fees on our Nursing website

  • Student Status/Per Credit2022-2023
    Undergraduate Part-Time Status (per credit hour, students registered for 1-11 credits) $420
    Summer School (per credit hour) $420
    Auditing (per class) $175
    Course overload (per credit hour, over 19 credits) $260
    Visiting Student (non-degree seeking) $420
    International Student Fee (fall and spring semesters) $2,400
    Post-Baccalaureate (per credit hour) *Except students pursuing B.S. in Nursing. $420

    *Post-Baccalaureate students pursuing B.S. in Nursing will follow the traditional undergraduate tuition rate listed above.

    Miscellaneous Items Cost
    Single Room (Additional charge per semester) $1,250
    Holst Hall Double Room (Additional charge per semester) $1,250
    Extra Institutional Credit (includes credit by examination-per credit hour) $270
    Colloquy Tuition Rate (per credit hour) $270
    Colloquy Internship Fee $1,280
    Fine Art Fees (varies by course) $25 – $50
    Private Music Instruction (800 level – Weekly 30 minute private lesson) $215
    Private Music Instruction (900 level – Weekly 1 hour private lesson) $430
    Nursing Courses Lab Fee $150
    Nursing Program Fee* (St. Paul traditional on campus program) $1,500/semester
    Nursing ATI Fee (St. Paul traditional on campus program) $2,650

    *The nursing program fee supports the University’s operation of the St. Paul traditional on-campus nursing program, including, but not limited to, expenses associated with low-, medium-, and high-fidelity simulation equipment and related resources, clinical coordination services, and ongoing program requirements to ensure regulatory and accreditation requirements are met.


  • Associate's ProgramCreditsCost Per Credit 22-23
    Associate of Arts60$420
    Diagnostic Medical Sonography - Echo (AAS)46$720
    Diagnostic Medical Sonography - General (AAS)46$620
    Early Childhood Education60$420


    • Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) Program Fee: $100
      (assessed in the first semester of the program)
  • Bachelor's ProgramCost Per Credit 22-23
    Child Development$420
    Computer Science (BS)$420
    Criminal Justice$420
    Digital Marketing$420
    Exercise Science$420
    Family Science$420
    Health Care Administration$420
    Human Resource Management$420
    Information Systems (BS)$420
    Management and Leadership$420
    Nursing (ABSN)$1,050
    Sport Management$420
    • Nursing Courses Lab Fee (ABSN): $150
    • Nursing ATI Fee (ABSN): $2,710

    Active Duty Rate

    Concordia offers a military tuition rate for members of the armed forces who are on active duty while using your Tuition Assistance benefit.

    • Undergraduate* tuition rate: $250/credit
    • *Please note: ABSN students do not qualify. Learn more.


  • Graduate ProgramCost Per Credit 22-23
    Creative Writing (MFA)$525
    Criminal Justice Leadership$475
    Data Analytics$475
    Doctor of Physical Therapy$885
    Doctorate of Education$615
    Doctorate of Education - Kinesiology$690
    Doctor of Philosophy - Kinesiology $690
    Education (all emphasis areas)$395
    Educational Specialist (Ed.S.)$415
    Exercise Science (MS)$475
    Family Science$395
    Human Resource Management$475
    Human Services - Forensic Behavioral Health$475
    Human Services - Trauma, Resilience, & Self-Care Strategies$475
    Information Technology Management$475
    Leadership and Management$475
    MBA (all emphasis areas)$625
    Orthotics and Prosthetics (MS)$515
    Public Health (MPH)$550
    Special Education (all emphasis areas)$395
    Sport Management$475
    Strategic Communication Management$475
    Superintendent Endorsement$415
    Teaching (MAT)$440

    Active Duty Rate

    Concordia offers a military tuition rate for members of the armed forces who are on active duty while using your Tuition Assistance benefit.

    • Graduate tuition rate: $350/credit
  • International Student Fee* (applied fall, spring and summer terms) $1,200

    *The International Student Fee goes toward providing specialized services to the students while they are studying at Concordia including programming, events, orientation, immigration support and reporting, and student support services.