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Brian Evans

Marketing Program Chair & Professor

I am a self-described tech addict and media junkie. As an enthusiastic trend watcher, I specialize in finding unique and creative solutions to problems and injecting cutting-edge technology into useful applications.

Technology is not just a word but a lifestyle for me. I am always on the lookout for the next big thing, especially when it comes to mobile. I spend a borderline unhealthy amount of time looking for, researching, and reviewing new technology, software, and services looking for new opportunities to find ways to improve the things I love to do.

In my free time, I work with small businesses to improve their marketing and digital presence and conduct Internet/mobile technology use and safety seminars for elementary, junior, and senior high school students and their parents. I have also been running my own freelance consulting/design/marketing/think tank company for over 20 years.

When I am not teaching, you are likely to find me playing soccer, snowboarding, wakeboarding, or partaking in any number of thrill-seeking activities.

Email: [email protected]


Office: 651.641.8766
Mobile: 651.321.4277