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Thomas Mattson

Senior IT Manager at Medtronic

Thomas Mattson is a CSP alumni who graduated in 2015 with his MBA. He is currently the Senior IT Manager at Medtronic, where he manages a team of 9 people while overseeing customer data and accounts. His responsibilities include ensuring success in all areas of business, but with a focus on revenue and market share as well as customer experience and quality.  

Mattson chose CSP’s MBA program after a few colleagues completed and recommended the program. He noticed the difference it made in their career as well as the confidence it instilled in them as people. These aspects led Mattson to make the choice to pursue CSP’s MBA program for himself as well. “My MBA made me think bigger and push myself to step into more unknown positions/challenges at my company. Educational achievement can not only open more doorways from a basic requirement aspect, but also instill confidence to succeed.”

Concordia’s MBA program is designed for working professionals and offers a comprehensive experience for students. Mattson says the classroom work he did while also working in his field gave him a unique education experience. When asked what he valued most about CSP’s program, he said, “The discussions and critical thinking to both macro and micro level situational examples. Combining these lessons with real-life work experience offered me a parallel experience during the program.”