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ID Photo Submission

Welcome to CSP!

We are so excited that you’ve joined our community here at Concordia, and we can’t wait to get you your ID. Please follow the steps below to submit your ID photo via email:

Submitting your ID Photo Via Email

1. Login to your CSP Email

2. Email [email protected] and include the following information in the body of your email:

    • First and Last Name
    • L# (Your ID # here at CSP)
    • Role at CSP (Student, Staff, or Faculty)

3. Attach your ID photo

        ID Photo Requirements:
    • You must be looking straight at the camera, against a light-colored, and solid background.
    • Photos cannot include: hats or sunglasses, or derogatory subject matter. Photos should not be group photos or cropped down from a group photo.
    • Color photo, 300 x 400 pixels
    • Minimum size of 15KB, but less than 1MB
    • File type must be Jpeg
    • Photo file is named using your L# (ex. L00897634)

Receiving your ID

Staff and Faculty

Staff and Faculty who teach on campus will be emailed when their IDs are ready (typically within a business day) and are able to pick up their IDs in the Security Office. Those who teach remotely will be able to have their IDs mailed to them.

New Students

New students attending classes in person, or living on campus will receive their IDs during Welcome Weekend. Students in our cohort programs will be mailed their IDs from Admissions two weeks after their first class begins.