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Student Forms

Student Forms

  • Academic Internship Guide – To learn the requirements for an internship for academic credit

    Internship Pre-Registration Worksheet – Before you register for the internship course in your major or program, complete this worksheet. When complete, it includes all the information you will need to register using the Internship Registration Form.

    Internship Registration Form – To register for internship course credit complete this form.

    Discuss your internship and plans with your University Supervisor at least one semester/term before your intended start.

    Secure an internship site and register for internship credit BEFORE the start of the term that best matches your internship start date.  Before you register, you must know how many hours you will complete throughout the semester, and the average number of hours you will work per week. (The final deadline is the “last day to DROP” for the semester or half semester.)

    Complete the online registration form above. This form will be sent automatically to your program chair or university supervisor for approval.

    You will receive an email from the registrar to notify you when you are officially registered for the internship course. If you do not receive an email, please communicate with your university supervisor immediately.

    After registration, look for your XXX498 internship course in Blackboard two weeks prior to the start of the term for requirements and assignments to complete in order to pass your internship credits.

    Course Conflict Resolution Form – Resolve any scheduling conflict between two courses with instructor approval.

    Independent Study Request Form – Use this form to pursue an area of study not covered by the established curriculum or take a course independently that is offered at CSP but due to specific restrictions cannot be taken when offered.

    Independent Study Request Form Supplement – Students must submit form, in addition to the Independent Study Request Form, to take a course not found in the CSP Academic Catalog.

    Registration Restriction – Request to add, drop, or withdraw from individual classes by submitting this form. Must be approved by your advisor.

  • Course Substitution Form – Request credit for a specific CSP course either from a different CSP course already taken, or a course from an outside institution that was not received through transfer credit.

    General Petition Form – Request an exception to academic policy by submitting a petition. Must be approved by your advisor and the General Petition Committee.

    Overload Petition Form -This form is required for any student wanting to take the above 19 credit maximum.

     Academic Appeal Form – Apply for readmission to the university as a graduate or undergraduate student, due to academic disqualification.

    Student Success Plan  – This is a document that must be completed with your advisor as part of the academic appeal process.

    In-Progress Grade Request Form – This is a contract between your instructor and yourself for an extension of a course beyond the grading deadline. It must be approved by your instructor.

  • Adult Undergraduate Minor Declaration Form – Adult Undergraduate Program students use this form to declare a minor. Must be approved by your advisor.

    Diploma Request – Use to order a duplicate diploma, if due to a name change, name change documents must be submitted to [email protected]

    Major/Minor Declaration Form – Traditional Students use this form to declare a major and/or minor. The form must be approved by your advisor.

    Address Change Form – Use this form to notify CSP of a change in address.

    Enrollment & Degree Verification  – For additional information on types of verification requests and the option to verify electronically click here.

    Graduation FAQs – For information on the program completion, graduation, commencement and diplomas.

    Transcript Request Form – Use this link to request a transcript from Concordia University on behalf of the National Student Clearinghouse.

    University Withdrawal Form – Withdraw completely from Concordia University. Must be approved by your advisor.