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Briana Eicheldinger

Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Transfer Students from the following schools: Century College, Dakota County Technical College, Inver Hills Community College, Normandale Community College, North Hennepin Community College; All Post-Baccalaureate Students
Hometown: Kenosha, WI
Majors in College: Spanish and Sociology
About Me: I was born and raised in Wisconsin but love my new home here in Minnesota. I like to spend my free time with my husband and two daughters exploring all the Twin Cities has to offer.
Favorite Place in the Twin Cities: In St. Paul, the shops and cafes on Grand Avenue are so fun to visit.  I also love the atmosphere of the Edina Promenade and enjoy walking around the many lakes in the area, especially Lake Nokomis.
What I Love about CSP: I love the sense of community that you will find at CSP and the long-standing traditions that we can look forward to each year like Comet’s Cookout during Welcome Weekend, Strawberry Fest, and Knollapalooza.


Kelly Macik

Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Twin Cities High Schools; Northern Minnesota; Students from WI
Hometown: Victoria, MN
Major in College: Communication Studies
About Me: I was born and raised in Victoria, MN and attended Chaska High School. I love spending time with my husband and our two children. I enjoy yoga, traveling, going to the theater, and taking in the many events around the Twin Cities.
Favorite Place in the Twin Cities: Mill City Farmers Market in the summer – I love the fresh, delicious food and the gorgeous scenery along the Mississippi River.
What I Love about CSP: The diversity of our student body provides an amazingly rich experience for students, staff, and faculty to grow and interact with cultures and backgrounds of all kinds. We can all learn from those whose experiences, beliefs, and perspectives are different than our own.

Deanna Pelley

Senior Transfer Admissions Counselor

All Transfer Students*; and high school students from IA and MO
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Major in College: Lay Ministry and Theology with emphasis in Youth Ministry Major, Music minor
About Me: I was born and raised near St. Louis, Missouri. I love the St. Louis Cardinals but also the Green Bay Packers–probably because I went to college in Wisconsin. In my free time I love to bike on a great trail, read, bake, spend time with my dog and catch a quick trip home to visit my wonderful family!
Favorite Place in the Twin Cities: The Highland Park area…lots of fun shops and restaurants and wonderful people!
What I Love about CSP: I love how friendly everyone is and that we are a very diverse university. It’s a great way to learn more about people from different walks of life!

Transfer students from Century College, Dakota Country Technical College, Inver Hills Community College, Normandale Community College and North Hennepin Community College should work with Briana Eicheldinger:

Brandon Cobb

Undergraduate Admissions Counselor | Military Relations

All Military Students; Twin Cities High Schools; and students from the following states: AL, CT, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MA, MD, ME, MI, MS, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, TN, VA, VT, WV
Hometown: St. Paul, MN
Major in College: Business Management
About Me: I was born and raised in Minnesota, yet lived in Chicago, IL for some time so I like to look at the Windy City as “home away from home”. I was enrolled in Circus Juventas here in St. Paul throughout my teens and enjoyed every minute of it. I have served in the Army for close to four years and am still currently in the Army National Guard. I will be commissioning as an officer in the U.S. Army in May 2015 and continue to serve in the National Guard for many years to come.
Favorite Place in the Twin Cities: Definitely the Landmark Center. I attended the Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists in high school and a majority of our classes were on the upper levels. The building is rich in history of the city and to this day I still go ice skating next to the building every winter.
What I Love about CSP: The classroom settings have such a great atmosphere. Since the classes are smaller every student gets the individual attention they need in order to succeed.

Brenda Vue

Undergraduate Admissions Counselor – Southeast Asian Recruiter

Territory: Twin Cities High Schools; All PSEO Students
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Major in College: Psychology
About Me: Much of my time is spent surrounded by my family specifically with my mom, my sisters, nieces, and nephews. Whether it is cooking at my mom’s house on Sundays or playing at the park, we make the most of all the simple things we have. Other than family time I like to journal, read, and when I get the chance I like to play badminton.
Favorite Place in the Twin Cities: My favorite place in the Twin Cities would have to be Hmong Village in St. Paul. There is fresh produce, local food vendors, and hand sewn traditional wear. There are so many small shops rich with culture to share.
What I Love about CSP: Other than the level of academia here at Concordia our university is in a prime location for opportunities. The proximity from other universities allows for student connectivity and for community transparency and involvement which translates to a well-rounded student.

Carolina Mendez

Undergraduate Admissions Counselor

Territory: Twin Cities High Schools; Southern Minnesota; and students from the following states: AK, AR, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, KS, LA, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OK, OR, SD, TX, UT, WA, WY
Hometown: Cuenca, Ecuador
Major in College: Marketing Major, Spanish Minor
About Me: I was born and raised in the center of the world, Ecuador. I love to bike around the Twin Cities, dance and play different sports such as soccer or volleyball. I was the first person in my family to graduate from college so working in higher education is very meaningful to me.
Favorite Place in the Twin Cities: One of my favorite places in the Twin Cities has to be Lyndale Park Rose Garden. I have very fond memories at the park from when I was a child. From watching strangers fly their kites around there, to biking with my family all around the park and even having my pictures taken there on the day of my Quinceañera.  Nothing but beautiful times there.
What I Love about CSP: What I love about CSP is the diversity within the student body and in the faculty/staff all of whom have different identities and stories which makes working here that much more meaningful!

Katie Jabri

International Admissions Counselor and Recruiter

Territory: All International Students
Hometown: Park Rapids, MN
Major in College: Psychology
About me: I was born and raised in Minnesota.  I love to cook, bake, watch movies, listen to music from around the world, and travel.  I enjoy all things international and food, so living in the Twin Cities is perfect.  I can enjoy food from around the world without having to travel too far or use my passport.
Favorite Place in the Twin Cities: The St. Paul Farmers Market is my favorite place in the summer.  My year round favorite is anywhere near water (like along the Mississippi River or one of the many lakes), as it reminds me of my home in northern Minnesota.
What I love about CSP: The small school environment in a metropolitan area.  It is the perfect combination for any student and allows for many international and cross cultural experiences to happen in a safe environment.

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