Concordia University, St. PaulGrievance Policy


Concordia University is committed to a policy of treating fairly all members of the University’s community in regard to their personal and professional concerns. However, times do occur in which students think they have been mistreated. This procedure is provided in order to ensure that students are aware of the way in which their problems with a University employee can be resolved informally and to provide a more formal reconciliation process when needed.


A grievance is defined as dissatisfaction occurring when a student believes that any conduct or condition affecting him or her is unjust or inequitable, or creates unnecessary hardship. A grievance arises when a student believes, based on established administrative policies and procedures, that he or she has been treated in an arbitrary or capricious manner by a university department or a representative of the university.

A grievance against a university official arises when a student believes he or she has been subjected to inappropriate behavior or lack of a timely resolution by a department or university employee acting within their role and duty.
A grievance of personal misconduct by a university employee arises when a student believes he or she is the subject of inappropriate behavior outside of the employee’s role and duties within the university.

Informal Grievance Resolution

Prior to bringing a grievance forward, students are highly encouraged to attempt a good-faith resolution of the grievance. This attempt may be made with the party directly involved with the disputed matter, or with the head of the department in which the grievance arises. Attempts at informal resolution should be initiated within 30 days of the incident.

Formal Grievance Resolution

Should a situation arise in which a student is unable to resolve his or her grievance informally, the university’s formal grievance process may be employed. This process, outlined below, should also be initiated 30 days of the failed informal resolution.

  • Step 1: A formal grievance is filed electronically using the Student Grievance Form. This form can be found on CSP Connect under the Advising and Students Resources Tab and in the Student Policies section. This report is submitted to the Dean of Student’s Office.
  • Step 2: Upon receipt of the formal grievance, a designee is appointed by the Dean of Students to investigate the dispute. Depending upon the grievance, pertinent data will be gathered by the investigator. This data is then presented to the Dean of Students and/or department head (overseeing the staff/faculty member mentioned in the grievance) for resolution. If the grievance is based on personal misconduct by a faculty or staff member or other university employee, Human Resources will be notified.