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Minor inPolitical Science

Minoring in Political Science involves the study of the systems people set up to organize their societies, from neighborhoods to nations.

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Political Science Curriculum Overview

Minoring in Political Science involves the study of the systems people set up to organize their societies, from neighborhoods to nations. You’ll learn to apply differing interpretations and viewpoints and to understand your world and community. How have systems of government evolved over time? What are the relationships between different governments and peoples? How are their interests and welfare connected? You’ll gain knowledge and critical thinking skills that are important to any business or organization as you take 24 credit hours toward a political science minor in conjunction with a different bachelor’s degree major.

You’ll also have real opportunities to learn beyond the classroom by doing independent research, organizing activities with the College Democrats or College Republicans and perhaps even doing an internship at the State Capitol. Because we design our political science program to be responsive to the exact needs of the marketplace, it will be a relevant minor if you’re considering a career in politics, public policy, law or anything from journalism to teaching to museum management.

Required: 16 Credits
Course ID Course Name Credit Hours
POL - 131 American Government 4
POL - 241 Cont. World Problems:Glbl Pol. 4
POL - 242 State & Local Government 4
POL - 401 Rsrch & Writing in Pol. Scienc 2
POL - 487 Rdngs Seminar: Tpcs in Pol Sci 2

This course introduces the student to mechanics, institutions, problem and principles of American national government. It stresses the relationship of constitutional principles to American political practice. Emphasis is placed on change in the political environment and judicial interpretation of constitutional tenants as major factors in a viable and dynamic American political system. Racial and Ethnic minorities are also examined in this course.

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Survey and examination of the current issues and problems around the world. Course will also discuss themes and approaches in the study of global politics. Students will specifically examine how the current global system is constructed and how nations interact. Topics include contemporary issues like globalization, trade, immigration, war and peace, arms control, terrorism, climate change, and global poverty.

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State and local government is the primary contact a citizen has with government. In a creative learning experience students use Minnesota Legislature as their laboratory for learning and participating in the governmental process.

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This serves as research and writing capstone course for all students in the Political Science program. After reading other scholars' ideas and interpretations in various classes, students will now have the opportunity to research, analyze, and write their own original work of scholarship. Students will do original research projects using primary source materials (government documents, policy reports, newspapers, election data, personal correspondence, etc.), rather than scholarly articles or books. Student can select their own topic, but must work with an instructor. Assessment goals include sound research, adequate content and coverage of the subject, strong critical analysis of sources, and writing style.

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Readings/Research Seminar in Political Science covering selected topics. This course will emphasize the use of scholarly and primary source materials, individual research, and student participation.

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An academic minor normally consists of 20 to 24 credits taken in courses in one area or related areas of study prescribed by the faculty.

Career Potential

  • Advertising
  • Archives and Museums
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Library Science
  • Politics
  • Public Policy
  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Travel Industry

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