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Accepted International Students


Congratulations on your acceptance to Concordia University, St. Paul! As you prepare for your studies here be sure to complete the steps below.

Next Steps After Admission

  • If you are ready for your CSP I-20, please complete one of the following steps:

    1.) Initial I-20 Request Form (PDF) (if outside the US)
    2.) Transfer Information Form (PDF) (if already in the US)

    E-mail the completed form and direct any questions to

    To ship your I-20, you will need to complete the shipment information here:

    • Go to the website for your local U.S. Embassy or Consulate and follow the instructions on how to obtain a non-immigrant F-1 student visa.
    • Sign the front page of your I-20 in blue ink and schedule your F-1 visa appointment by following the instructions on your local Embassy/Consulate website.
    • Pay the visa application fee by following the instructions on your local U.S Embassy or Consulate website
    • Prepare the following items and bring them to your visa interview:
      • Completed visa application
      • Original I-20 form and the admission letter sent by Concordia University, St. Paul
      • SEVIS 1-901 fee payment receipt
      • Nonrefundable visa application fee.
      • Passport valid for at least six months beyond the expiration of your I-20.
      • Two identical color photographs. (2×2 inches)
      • Original school transcripts and public examination certificates, including a student copy of your TOEFL, IETLS, GMAT, or GRE score report if applicable.
      • Medical examination results in an envelope sealed by the medical office.
      • Official documentation to prove your financial support.
      • Any evidence that demonstrates strong ties to your country or any other residence outside of the USA.
      • All other documents listed on the visa application specific to your country.
  • An official transcript evaluation of credits earned/degrees completed at any non-United States institution must be completed by the beginning of orientation (if not submitted during the admissions process).

    Evaluations must be from approved members of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services

    Concordia University will accept credits earned through either CLEP or Dantes

  • Minnesota State law requires proof of immunization. Please complete the Immunization Form prior to attending orientation.

  • All F-1 international students will be enrolled in health insurance through the university. Health insurance is required for all F-1 international students.

    You can learn more about the plan at this link:

    The following F-1 students are eligible for a health insurance waiver:

    • Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) students
    • Students with employer-provided health insurance (CPT)
    • Exchange students from SoonChunHyang University, United International College and InfoLink
    • Student athletes
  • Students Living On Campus

    To be placed in an on campus residence hall, please complete and submit the housing application.  First-year students must also submit the $200 enrollment deposit in order to be granted a housing assignment.  The housing application will not be processed without payment.

    The first round of housing assignments will be emailed in June. Applications received after the first round of assignments will be assigned as they are received.

    Students Living Off Campus

    First-year students are required to live on campus unless living at home with a parent or guardian.  If you meet this criteria you must submit the Petition to Live Off Campus in lieu of the housing application.

    Transfer students (students with college credits post high school) planning to live off campus are exempt from submitting any housing materials including the housing application and petition to live off campus.

    Learn about all of the resources available to you as part of our thriving commuter community!

    Students Requiring Housing Accommodations

    Students requiring any accommodations should complete the housing accommodation form and contact Student Accessibility Services at as soon as possible when applying for housing.
    The deadline for accommodation requests is May 1 for fall term and December 1 for spring term.

    Off Campus Housing

    There are multiple organizations in Minneapolis and St. Paul offering host families (homestays) for short-term and long-term housing while you are here studying in Minnesota. Some of these organizations are faith-based and others are not. You should do your research online and by contacting other international students who have stayed with host families in the past before committing to an organization or family.

    Additionally, there are several resources available to help in your search to secure rental off-campus housing once you arrive on campus. Concordia University’s convenient location offers students a wide variety of housing locations. There are several on campus options to consider prior to looking off campus. However, if you are interested in living off campus the resources listed below are to help you find an ideal location.

    • Once you identify a home or an apartment that seems suitable, you should schedule a visit to walk through the unit and discuss several items. Each property handles fees differently. Fees to discuss with the property owner include but are not limited to, utilities, water, gas, Internet, cable, and garbage removal, as well as on street or off street parking should you decide to own a car.
    • When you decide on a suitable property you will be required to sign a lease, which is a binding legal document. It is important to read very carefully over the lease agreement and to make sure that anything that you discussed with the property owner is stated clearly in the lease agreement. Typically lease agreements are in twelve-month intervals, but can vary so be sure to find out the duration of your lease agreement.

    Neighborhoods to consider: Midway, Thomas-Dale, Summit University, Macalester Groveland, Como, Longfellow

  • For enrollment and tuition deposits:

    1. Log into the CSPConnect portal and select the Financial Aid and Billing tab
    2. In the center column, underneath My Account is an area labeled “Payments”. Select “Make an online payment”
    3. From the new screen you will see a My Account box. Select “Click here to make a payment”
    4. Choose from the deposit type you are making from the list at the bottom of that page and proceed to checkout.

    For tuition deposits:

    1. Log into the CSPConnect portal and select the Financial Aid and Billing tab
    2. In the center column, underneath My Account is an area labeled “Payments”. Select “Make an online payment”
    3. From the new screen you will see a My Account box. In that box will be your balance by term. Select “Click here to make a payment”. Select “Click here to make a payment”
    4. Select which term you wish to make a payment for, enter the amount, and proceed to checkout
  • All students must have a laptop computer to use in and out of the classroom. Feel free to select the device that is best for your learning style and career goals.

  • All new international students are required to attend International Student Orientation. Details will be sent to you by email.

    Spring 2020 International Student Orientation will be January 9 and January 10.

    If you would like to stay in temporary on-campus housing, please contact Please include the day and time you will arrive.

  • View the events going on as part of Concordia’s Welcome Weekend.

Prepare For Travel

  • You (and your dependents, if applicable) may arrive at Concordia University on or up to 30 days before the program start date listed on your I-20.

    Remember that the International Student Orientation is mandatory, and so you will need to make your travel plans accordingly. Generally, we suggest arriving 1-2 days before to allow yourself time to get adjusted before orientation and classes begin.

    It is best to book your travel as soon as you receive your student visa and as far in advance as possible.

    The nearest airport to Concordia University is the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport (MSP).This airport is approximately 10 minutes from campus. If at all possible book a direct flight into MSP. There may be times when a direct flight is not possible. The closest connecting cities are Chicago O’Hare airport (approximately 7 hours from Minneapolis/Saint Paul).

    Transportation to campus

    Concordia University is approximately 7 miles from the airport. Taxi fares average $25-$30. More information about Ground Transportation at MSP is available on the airport website:

  • You should evaluate your needs for the first few weeks of school – most schools suggest bringing about $2,000 in readily available funds. You can bring this amount in traveler’s checks, or better yet, bring your foreign bank card, after checking that it will work in US ATMs (automated teller machines), to access an account at home. All other money can be wired to your new US bank account after you arrive. Remember, if you have a scholarship, assistantship or another form of employment, it will typically take a month or more to get your first payment, so make sure you have enough money to live for your first few weeks.

    Before you arrive, find out from your bank at home how to wire money to the US, and how much it will cost in fees. After you have set up your new bank account, you can arrange the transfer by providing your home bank with your US bank details. You will need to provide your account number, the US bank’s name and address, and the US bank’s ABA number. Wire transfers typically take between 2-5 days. Ask your home bank for a confirmation once the funds are wired. The Article is taken from International Financial Aid Blog

  • The weather in Minnesota varies greatly depending on the time of year.  To save space in your luggage, we recommend packing based on season you will arrive, but to leave room for shopping once you arrive. There are numerous malls, stores, and boutiques around Concordia to accommodate your clothing needs as the weather changes.

    Recommendations for arriving during fall term (August):

    • summer clothing
    • light fall jacket

    *Temperatures warm up in April

    Recommendations for arriving during spring term (January):

    • long sleeve shirts
    • sweaters
    • warm shoes
    • a few sets of gloves
    • warm hats and scarves

    *Temperatures warm up in April


Contact the Office of International Student Services

  • Phone: 651-641-8883
  • Email:
  • In Person: Luther 116
  • Hours: 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday
International Student Services