Faculty & Staff SpotlightDr. Laura Wangsness Willemsen

Dr. Laura Wangsness Willemsen

Assistant Professor of Education

Dr. Wangsness Willemsen’s teaching, research and practice is aimed at ensuring schooling supports equity and well-being in both US and international contexts.  She recently joined the faculty of the Department of Doctoral Studies in Education at Concordia, where she focuses on supporting student research as well as teaching classes on research methods, diversity and equity, and educational leadership.  She comes from the University of Minnesota, where she worked on issues of educational equity, taught comparative education courses, co-led a study of adolescence and gender relations in Tanzania, and led qualitative research for a longitudinal, mixed-methods evaluation of educational initiatives for marginalized youth in East Africa. She previously worked as an English language teacher and coordinator in diverse high school settings ranging from urban, suburban and rural Minnesota to Tanzania.

Her recent research is an ethnographic exploration of a Tanzanian school alongside life histories of seven young women who attended it. This study examines the relationships between schooling and women’s empowerment and underscores the significance of emotional and social learning in schools. Her resulting dissertation won the 2017 Gail Kelly Award, the highest dissertation award from the Comparative and International Education Society. As a practitioner at the nexus of education, development and gender, Dr. Wangsness Willemsen has worked with institutions such as the United Nations Girls’ Educational Initiative, World Vision, Miske Witt and Associates, CARE International and USAID.

Dr. Wangsness Willemsen is pleased to join the Concordia University family and looking forward to working with Concordia’s doctoral students.


  • Ph.D., Educational Policy and Administration (Comparative and International Development Education concentration), University of Minnesota
  • M.Ed., Second Languages and Cultures (ELL teaching), University of Minnesota
  • BA, Anthropology and Philosophy, Luther College


Inequalities, equity and education; comparative and international education; gender and development; qualitative methodologies; schooling in East Africa; pedagogies, practices and curricula.


  • Comparative and International Education Society
  • American Educational Research Association
  • American Anthropological Society
  • Gender and Education Association
  • American Evaluation Association
  • Project Zawadi Board of Directors


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