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Recruiting and Hiring Faculty, Staff and Students



Concordia utilizes a distributed hiring model. This model allows for a specially-appointed search committee to recruit and hire the best possible faculty and staff.

As the decision to hire individuals onto Concordia’s employee roster has far reaching consequences, a system of checks and balances has been devised to guide representatives of the University in making the right decision.


Setting up Resources for a New Faculty or Staff Member

Concordia ID

Also know as an “L” number or Banner ID. Concordia IDs are created for new employees when HR receives the Staff Payroll Authorization or the Faculty Appointment Request. This information is communicated via email to the supervisor and members of the campus community. A Concordia ID must be created before any other campus resources can be granted for a new employee.

CSP Connect Access

CSP Connect Access is set up automatically when the campus is notified about the employee. Computers (network access, email, WebCT, laptops), desktop computer access, issuing of a laptop, getting email, and setting up Banner client permissions is coordinated with the IT Help Desk.

University Identification Card and Key Access

University ID Cards are created at Card Services in the campus security office, located in Meyer Hall 124

Contact Information: [email protected]; 651-641-8788.

Keys and ID cards can be requested by completing the ID Card and Key Request Form

Library Materials

The ID Card also acts as a library card.

Office Signage

Name Inserts for your office or cubical can be obtained through the Human Resources department.