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5 Strategies for Creating a Good Study Environment


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Last week, Concordia University, St. Paul’s traditional students shifted their studies online and joined a larger group of students whose degrees are delivered online every day. While it is an adjustment, CSP is fortunate to have the infrastructure to continue serving our students through online learning, even if the classroom element looks a bit different.

There are a number of resources available to ensure a smooth transition to online learning including tutorials for Blackboard, Google (Docs, Sheets, Hangouts, etc.) With all of the tools in place, what can you do to create the best environment possible to learn anywhere? Check out these tips below.

Creating a Good Study Environment

Online courses are accessible, convenient and often very flexible with your busy schedule. However, online students can sometimes struggle with staying motivated and focused on course work during the duration of their online degree programs. Juggling work and family obligations, as well as school, can feel overwhelming. Because online students often take classes and complete course work at home, creating a distraction-free, quiet study area is important. Here are some tips to promote positive study habits and create the perfect study environment:

    • Make time for your online courses: Getting your degree online is a big commitment. Set yourself up for success by making time for your online studies. Create a schedule that allows a few hours every night or every few days specifically for your online course work, and stick to your schedule. Make sure that your studies are among your top priorities.
    • Minimize distractions: Distractions can sabotage your best efforts at studying. Social networking sites, family obligations and other projects around the house can take your attention away from studying. Figure out what your biggest triggers are and try to eliminate them from your study area. Log off of Facebook and Twitter, hire a sitter or go to your local library to find a distraction-free study zone.
    • Organize your study space: Clear out a corner of your home and designate it as your study zone. Clean up the clutter and organize your things to create a space that is specifically designed for your online studies. Make it comfortable and engaging. Get filing folders to organize paperwork, and even consider organizing your computer files to make it easier to locate coursework and assignments. This may also speed up your computer’s response time.
    • Schedule breaks: Allow yourself a few breaks during a heavy study session. Scheduled breaks can help you recharge and re-energize during a marathon study session.
    • Keep a good attitude: Stay positive, determined and committed throughout your online classes. A positive attitude can help you overcome challenges along the way and keep you on track toward graduation.
    • Utilize CSP Library Resources: While the CSP Library building is closed, most library resources are available online.

For additional information and support as classes transition to an online format, please visit

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