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Celebrating the 11th Annual Ignite Leadership Program Graduation & Student Leader Awards


University News

Last week, CSP celebrated the 11th Annual Ignite Leadership Program Graduation & Student Leader Awards. The award ceremony highlighted the efforts of students who graduated from the CALL Center’s Ignite Leadership Program this year as well as exemplary student leadership recognized by CSP Residence Life.

The Ignite Leadership program is offered for all undergraduate students and is designed to ignite their leadership potential, fuel their passion, and transform young adults into impactful leaders. The program’s goal is to challenge students to become stronger and well-rounded leaders.

“The Ignite Leadership Program allows students to discover their own unique leadership identity,” Student Activities and Leadership Development Coordinator Kimberly Newton explained. “Ignite provides students the language to talk about their strengths and gain a global perspective that will benefit them in future job interviews and in their careers.”

CSP Communication Studies major and Student Leader of the Year winner, Elham Mohamud ‘19, spoke on the impact the Ignite Leadership Program has had in her life. “Leaders grow when they don’t see themselves represented,” she explained. She went on to say that she wanted to help show other students that CSP was the right place for them.

CSP Elementary Art major and Student Leader of the Year nominee, Brooke Steingauf ‘19, agreed. “There are places on this campus where people can find themselves at home and that has to do with the community we’re in – and Ignite is my community.”

The Residence Life team also recognized their Resident of the Year, nominated by peers, and the Program of the Year, which recognized student leaders for their efforts in organizing impactful events on campus. 

Check out the full list of award categories as well as their nominees and winners below:

2019 Ignite Graduates 

  • Asha Aboud ‘19, Business Management
  • Habi Bussa ‘19, Business Management
  • Divya Gummadi ‘19, Mathematics
  • Kacie Lorenson ‘19, Communication Studies
  • Elham Mohamud ‘19, Communication Studies and Political Science
  • Emily Nelson ‘19, Business Management
  • Liz Reynolds ‘20, Elementary Education
  • Emily Safarik ‘20, Elementary Education
  • Brooke Steigauf ‘19, K-12 Art Education
  • Theodosia Wonlon ‘19, Psychology
  • Kalyna Xiong ‘21, English, Creative Writing emphasis
  • See-Nyia Yang ‘19, Exercise Science

2019 Impact Graduate

  • Finola Xiong ‘19, Elementary Education CSP’s Residence Life Program Award Nominees were recognized for their efforts in organizing impactful events on campus.

    Residence Life Program Award nominees were recognized for their work to organize events on campus.

2019 Residence Life: Program of the Year

  • Christmas Cookie Decoration, Ciara Bailey ‘22 – NOMINEE
  • Make Your Own Slime for stress relief – Anna Ripke ‘20 & Steven Nessler ‘19 – NOMINEE 
  • Wollaeger Tournament Night showcasing games like ping pong, foosball, and drunk goggle Mario Kart promoting the responsible use of alcohol – Nick Wagenknecht ‘19 and Noah Boudreau ‘20 – WINNER 

2019 Residence Life: Resident of the Year (awarded to the top three on-campus students) 

  • Josiah Sandcork ‘22, Physical Education
  • Eden Garman ‘19, Communication Studies
  • Spencer Bergen ‘19, Marketing 

2019 Outstanding Student Leader of the Year

This year’s group of nominees for Outstanding Student Leader of the Year can be seen in almost every area of campus and are huge contributors to our community,” Kimberly Newton said of this year’s nominees and winner. 

  • Shelby Anderson ‘19, Graphic Design – NOMINEE 
  • Alex Cleary ‘19, Secondary Education and Mathematics – NOMINEE  
  • Eden Garman ‘19, Communication Studies – NOMINEE
  • Hannah Gustafson ‘20, Psychology – NOMINEE
  • Garret Hultgren ‘19, Accounting – NOMINEE 
  • Elham Mohamud ‘19, Communication Studies and Political Science – WINNER
  • Brooke Steigauf ‘19, K12 Art Education – NOMINEE
  • Jade Weller ‘19, Exercise Science – NOMINEE
  • Holly Werning ‘19, Marketing – NOMINEE
  • Nicole Wollum ‘19, Nursing – NOMINEE 
  • Finola Xiong ‘19, Elementary Education – NOMINEE

Congratulations to the graduates, award winners, and nominees!