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CSP Library’s Jeanine Gatzke Added to Statewide Library Collections Group


General News

Jeanine Gatzke, Assistant Director for Collection Management & Services with the CSP Library, was recently appointed to the steering committee for a statewide initiative to collaboratively manage the print collections across Minnesota’s colleges and universities. The Cooperative Collection Management group was established in 2019 to manage print library collections in Minnesota in a coordinated manner, with an eye toward minimizing duplication of resources and maintaining inter-institutional access.

Over the last few years, the CSP Library has pivoted to preferring online materials in response to the changing needs and demands of Concordia’s students and academic programs. However, the Library continues to maintain a large and broadly relevant print collection. In many cases, the Library owns materials of historical or topical value to the University and the region.

Jeanine’s appointment to this steering committee provides Concordia with the opportunity to ensure continued access to its unique print materials as well as shape statewide policies that are responsive to the increase in online academic programs and the research needs of all students. Jeanine brings to this group a wealth of experience in managing library collections as well as a strong track record of working collaboratively with other institutions.

More information on this statewide initiative can be found here.