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Educational Leadership Administrator Licensure Program Earns Reaccreditation


University News

CSP’s Educational Leadership Administrator Licensure program recently passed its Minnesota Board of School Administrators (BOSA) reaccreditation review with flying colors. The rigorous reaccreditation process resulted in the program earning a five-year approval with zero limitations. Faculty, staff, and students were all interviewed as part of the process.

The absence of limitations placed on the program after its thorough examination by the board is a rare feat and a testament to strategic planning by program leadership. Dr. Lonn Maly, Dean of the College of Education and Humanities, emphasized the importance of receiving no limitations, and the achievement it symbolizes.

“The BOSA review team has determined that the Educational Leadership Administrator Licensure Program at Concordia University should receive a five-year approval without any limitations,” said Dr. Maly. “An approval without any limitations is something to celebrate as we understand this is not typical.”

BOSA also took notice of the program’s desire to equip its students with applicable, lifelong skills that translate directly into real-world scenarios.

“The review team noted that CSP – through its faculty and staff – is genuinely delivering on its mission to be responsive, relevant, and real,” said Program Chair Dr. Stephen O’Connor. “They noted that our team was described as a team that listens, is approachable, responds to needs, and helps candidates apply coursework to real situations.”

Secret to Success: Ensure Both Students and Faculty Thrive
The board’s findings highlighted a number of impressive areas of strength exhibited by the program. In addition to aiding students in their success, leadership also places a premium on the support of its faculty.

Students, staff, and faculty all commented that they appreciated the high level of personal contact from faculty leaders in the program. The diversity increase in both the staff and student populations over the last half-decade was also an impressive accomplishment.

Student-specific areas of positivity include support systems for new students and helping them realize their full potential as leaders. The welcoming of new students features opportunities to connect with each other and learn how to process and meet program expectations. Developing leaders who truly understand why they’re pursuing leadership roles is the foundation of the program.

The BOSA team found similarly encouraging results when they examined the faculty experience at CSP. Faculty enjoy a smooth onboarding process that they describe as “training wheels” and mentioned full-scale support when learning new CSP-specific systems. The review team also glowingly described the collaborative environment between adjunct faculty to guarantee consistency in students’ learning experiences. Lastly, the team lauded the systems that have been built to ensure sustainable quality academic programming, without relying solely on individuals for success.

Feedback from Alumni and Students
Direct feedback garnered from interviews with alumni and students paints a picture of a program that genuinely desires for its students to be successful in their ventures. Staff responsiveness, collaboration, and valuable relationships were just some of the points made by interviewees.

Other statements included:

  • “Being part of a safe, caring learning environment where I was valued meant a lot….”
  • “We were encouraged to think freely and creatively.”
  • “I don’t go a week without talking to someone from my cohort.”
  • “I’m still in communication with my professors.”
  • “People care about you. You don’t get lost in the program.”
  • “The values statement I created will guide me throughout my leadership journey.”

The responses delivered by alumni and staff further the positive results of the reaccreditation process and reaffirm the proper direction the program is headed.