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Alex Eernisse

Premium Sales Manager at MN UFC

Alex Eernisse is a CSP alum who now works with the MN United FC soccer team. His experience in the Sports Management program gave him the tools to succeed in a fast paced environment as a Premium Sales Manager. As a manager, Eernisse is responsible for training and managing 5 other people on his team. Eernisse works hard in his efforts to find and retain clients to utilize the box seats and suites in order to increase revenue for his company. 

Eernisse attributes CSP’s faculty, education, and campus atmosphere all as stepping stones to success. He notes the important and lasting relationships he made with faculty and staff while at Concordia, and says that forming those relationships was one of the best things he gained from CSP. “For me, the most valuable thing I received was the connection to my teachers. I was able to build a relationship, make sure I was very involved in the learning process, and use their connections to improve my resume after leaving Concordia.” 

As a student athlete, Eernisse was always drawn to sports, but it was the guidance his professors and coaches offered that led him to realizing his full potential in the Sports Management world. “Your schooling and grades are very important, but what will separate you once you leave school are your skills, experience, and relationships.” During his time at CSP, Eernisse was able to complete a variety of internship and job opportunities, even as a student. 

Aside from professional growth, Eernisse says that Concordia allows its students to grow in a variety of ways that are integral to success in your career as well as personal life. “Enjoy your time at Concordia St Paul. College is about growing as an adult and building a strong foundation. This isn’t just educationally. It’s relationally, experientially, spiritually, physically, and also educationally. Make sure you use this time wisely as it goes faster than you think.”