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Alicia Joswiak

Neuropsychometrist at HealthPartners

Alicia Joswiak recently graduated from CSP with a BS degree in Psychology. She has accepted a position as a Neuropsychometrist with HealthPartners at the Neuroscience Center. There, she will be working with patients to administer a variety of tests to determine whether or not a patient has a brain injury. She describes her dream job as being one where she can help people in a one-on-one setting in the healthcare field. 

Joswiak describes CSP’s affordable tuition as one of the biggest draws to the University. “In addition to the financial benefits, I felt like I belonged at CSP as soon as I stepped on campus. Everyone was so helpful, encouraging, friendly, and passionate for the CSP community. I knew right away after the financial benefits and the wonderful community that I wanted to attend CSP.”

During her time at CSP, Joswiak was heavily involved in her department as well as around campus. She was awarded multiple awards within her department both for her academic excellence and for her contributions to the department. Joswiak was also involved in a variety of clubs around campus and help leadership positions in a few of them. She says one of the best aspects of CSP are the people and the community. “CSP’s community is so special because everyone is so welcoming. Even when I first toured campus, all the staff, faculty, and students were extremely helpful, friendly, and supportive. I feel as if I can easily build a connection with anyone at CSP and go to anyone when I need assistance.”