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Amy Sawyer

Creative Project Manager at Target

Amy Sawyer graduated from Concordia University, St. Paul in 2010 with her Master’s in Organizational Management. She is now a Creative Project Manager at Target.

Sawyer chose CSP due to its convenient location and its online classes that are flexible for working students. “It was in close proximity to my home and had great online class options that I was able to complete while working full time.”

The beneficial knowledge that Sawyer attained from CSP faculty has helped to make her feel prepared throughout her career. “The teachers were well educated, presenting useful knowledge to put to use in my career, and the admissions office was helpful in navigating my degree path.”

Sawyer emphasized the career development she received from her degree. “I was in an associate role while I was getting my graduate degree and when I completed it, I was promoted to manager over another candidate without a graduate degree.”