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Angie Biersach

Maternal and Child Health Coordinator at Wisconsin Women's Health Clinic

Angie Biersach earned her M.A. in Family Life Education and Human Services from CSP in 2007. Today, Biersach is the Maternal and Child Health Coordinator at Wisconsin Women’s Health Clinic.

Biersach wanted to pursue a graduate degree to open more doors in her career. She says her master’s degree allows for “more advancement and more opportunities.” She was led to CSP because of the many benefits offered to students, such as “small class sizes, committed instructors, faith-based, ability to do in-person and online work in her cohort and finish capstone work.”

Biersach felt supported at CSP by her cohort leaders and her peers, some of whom she is still friends with today. The resources offered to her helped her succeed in her program. “Great instructors, small class sizes, professors who work in the field, lots of resources, support, and assistance along the way.”