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Beth Picha

Managing Director of Industry Solutions at Korn Ferry

Beth Picha graduated with an MBA from CSP Global in 2016. Picha now uses her education to succeed in her Managing Director of Industry Solutions role at Korn Ferry, an organizational consulting firm.

The flexibility of a completely online program was what drew Picha to CSP. While traveling and already established in her career, Picha says, “it allowed me the flexibility to join online from anywhere.”

The close cohort run by expert faculty was invaluable to Picha. “CSP offered access to my instructors who were seasoned professionals with “real life” experiences that enhanced our learning and allowed us a space to understand practical application…The use of adjuncts in the program give you access to professionals who have been in your shoes and can help you practically apply the learnings real time.”

Although Picha had success in her career already, an MBA from CSP Global allowed her to take the next step and feel equipped to succeed in her next role. “The CSP MBA program is truly unique as the program seeks to enrich your depth of knowledge and ability to synthesize but, it also gives you a space to practice self-reflection and personal growth.”