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Brooke Schwanz

Director of Market Engagement, UnitedHealthcare

“I am already experiencing the benefits of my decision to go to Concordia in the way I approach problems, analyze data, develop goals, and execute projects.”

For Brooke Schwanz, pursuing her B.A. in Marketing progressed from “want to” to “need to” in order to expand her skillset and excel in her career as a senior market engagement manager. Given the multitude of responsibilities competing for her time, she knew she needed a program that supported her in finding balance. “With a family, a full-time job, and full-time life, I needed to feel secure in being able to balance another full-time focus.”

Brooke connected with a friend who had just completed their Marketing degree at Concordia and that friend shared the positive experience she had along with the value she felt she received. That feedback along with her employer’s partnership with Concordia confirmed that Concordia was where she wanted to be.

A proud moment came toward the end of her coursework when she took some time to review previous projects that she had completed and submitted. “There were so many I wanted to do over again or would have approached differently based on the knowledge I had gained.” That reaction was a tangible example of her progression and sharpened skillset.

Her degree has benefited her in numerous ways including the way she approaches problems, analyzes data, develops goals, and executes projects. Brooke continues to utilize the skills she has developed and is looking into completing her master’s in the future.