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Christina Luoma

Manager at United Healthcare Duluth

Christina Luoma graduated in 2020 with a degree in Health Science through CSP Global. Now, she manages and leads a remote team for United Healthcare Duluth. CSP helped prepare her for her career by encouraging academic excellence and personal growth.

As an adult learner, it was important to Luoma to find a university that would work with her and her busy life. With CSP Global, the faculty was supportive and the coursework was designed to meet her needs. “CSP was always consistent in showing their values. While working full-time raising two daughters and a full-time student I never felt alone. The tools allowed me to navigate the course content and resources to achieve my degree.”

For Luoma, one of the best things about CSP was the expert faculty. Having professors who were experts in their field while being understanding, encouraging, and supportive of a student’s needs gave Luoma the room to excel. “There wasn’t a class or professor that didn’t show their support or encouragement.”

CSP Global students are equipped with the tools needed to succeed both in their career and through personal growth. “I loved a lot of things about CSP but what I took away most is resilience. I learned to adapt to change, be open to new ways of communication, and to embrace the connections no matter how short they are.”