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Corey Bradenburger

Principal at Cross Lutheran Church and School

Corey Bradenburger graduated from Concordia University, Saint Paul with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education in 1997. Bradenburger is now the principal at Cross Lutheran Church and School.

Bradenburger gained the skills and preparation he needed for his career all within the diverse environment of CSP. “CSP prepared me for my career in Lutheran schools. It was a community of faith, and I got to see a wide variety of faith backgrounds coming together at CSP in a unique way that would prepare me to teach and lead in Lutheran schools that also are tasked with meeting the needs of students and families from many different faith backgrounds. Jesus was not a secret at CSP, and His love was evident in and out of the classroom.”

Bradenburger received support and care through each faculty member he met. “The most valuable resource at CSP was the faculty. My professors knew me and my friends. They wondered where we were when we weren’t in class. They prayed with us. They had difficult conversations with us, and they celebrated our successes. As a student at CSP, even far away from home, I knew there was always someone I could count on. The love and care they poured into me as a student made me want to be the best student possible.”

Bradenburger highlighted the community he built from the groups he was involved with on campus. “I was involved in King’s Players, Cross Country, Hand Bells, and Choir (Christus and Jubilate). These groups gave me a family away from home. We played together, laughed together, cried together, prayed together, and learned together. These were some of the best parts of my CSP experience.”