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Deyvon Long

Preschool Teacher at Saint Paul Public Schools

Deyvon Long graduated from Concordia University, St. Paul in 2023 with his Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. He is now a Preschool Teacher at Saint Paul Public Schools.

Long felt prepared for his career by the opportunities he received and the encouragement he received from faculty at CSP. “The real time applications of internships and professional support were key factors.”

Long emphasized the support he received from CSP faculty, both academically and personally. “The conversations I’ve had with staff throughout the years were something special at CSP. Them caring and actually supporting my academic and personal life. They invested the time and those are special memories you don’t forget.”

Long built beneficial skills through his involvement in CSP extracurriculars. “Being so directly involved impacted my overall college experience. It made me affirm my potential and skills.”