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Dr. Abe Gebeyehu

School-Based Mental Health Practitioner at Wilder Foundation and Ethiopia Community Church Pastor

CSP alum Dr. Abe Gebeyehu ’13 & ’23 has recently graduated from CSP with his doctorate in Education. As a school-based mental health practitioner, Dr. Gebeyehu is already established in his field and has only excelled further with his new knowledge and skills gained through his doctorate program. Dr. Gebeyehu is also an Ethiopia Community Church Pastor, making the faith-based education through Concordia St. Paul a perfect fit.

While earning his undergraduate and doctorate degrees through CSP, Dr. Gebeyehu has experience with both online coursework and in-person classes. He has praised CSP’s outstanding faculty, student resources, and academic excellence, “I’ve lived the experiences of being accepted regardless of who I am, being supported by staff and faculty members, and receiving unconditional love and support from the teachers. I’ve had the opportunity to strengthen my bonds with my lecturers and classmates. Furthermore, the campus setting is quite conducive to my daily study areas close to my residence.”

One of the most valuable assets CSP alumni gain is access to the alumni network. Dr. Gebeyehu recognizes the importance of connecting with faculty, peers, and other CPS alumni. “Establishing a network with instructors, CSP staff, and classmates was so valuable. Networking is an important ability that I wish to improve throughout my career. On a more personal level, I’ve made some wonderful friends on whom I can rely.”

Dr. Gebeyehu also notes how being an immigrant student can be difficult at times and can require a lot of hard work, but admires how CSP provided help every step of the way. “I appreciate the CSP staff and professors’ unwavering dedication to meeting me where I am with unconditional support. They are the best role models because they meet immigrant students right where they are. Thanks to all CSP communities, I am the best example of what it means to work for educational fairness in higher education for students of color.”