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Frank Gates

Customer Account Specialist at General Mills

Frank Gates is a 2020 CSP alum who now works at General Mills. Gates graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management but found himself using the management skills he obtained from his education to find success in sales as a Customer Account Specialist. His responsibilities include overseeing and maintaining relationships with his clients. 

Gates did not have a typical journey to Concordia. After transferring from a large school, he was looking forward to the small campus and class size. “Transferring from a big school, CSP made me feel valued, and getting a lot of 1 on 1 time with teachers was exceptional and appealing.” 

One of the biggest benefits of the small, family-like atmosphere was the people Gates was surrounded by. Whether it was faculty, staff, or peers, Gates says, “I valued the people the most.” 

Although the campus was small, Gates also appreciated the diversity within CSP’s community. “I believe CSP played a role in my career thus far as I was surrounded by people from many different backgrounds, but also personalities. It was always refreshing being able to come to class and be with classmates.” The benefits of being surrounded by people from all walks of life provide students with unmatched real-world experiences and skills.