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Hannah Krieg

Brewery Microbiologist at The Lab Brewery

"When I started at Concordia, I was pre-physical therapy and now I am a food scientist. There is more to science than the medical field."

Hannah Krieg chose to transfer to Concordia University, St. Paul to complete her undergraduate degree because she wanted a “high-quality education that was cost-effective.” When she started at CSP, Krieg was studying biology, focusing on physical therapy, but after shadowing someone in that field, she discovered that it was not the right career path for her. Krieg got the opportunity to intern at a kill line at a meat processing plant where she learned about food science and helped her decide on a career path.   

One thing about CSP that Krieg found beneficial to her education was the small class sizes. She found that she was able to really connect with her professors in small classes. She still keeps in touch with many of her professors, keeping them updated about her career changes and advancements. One professor that was especially influential during Krieg’s time at CSP was Dr. Mary Ann Yang who led her research program. She explained that Dr. Yang “uses the research program to not only teach students about problem-solving but how to communicate and defend their research on academic and non-academic levels. Her course has given me the skills I need to be successful at jobs that demand many skills.”

Krieg’s favorite part about her time at CSP was participating in research. Not only did she get to connect with her professors and peers on a more personal level, but she also learned about the necessary skills for the competitive job market. “My research experience has given me answers to interview questions, and my research experience has set me apart from other candidates,” explained Krieg.

Krieg currently works as a brewery microbiologist at The Lab Brewery in St. Paul, Minn. As a brewery microbiologist, she works to assure the quality of beverages through various chemical and microbiological analyses and develops quality programs for ensuring the safety and quality of beverages. These are just a few of the aspects of her position at The Lab where she continually used the problem solving and communication skills she gained during her time at Concordia. “The brewing industry is such a collaborative environment. You are encouraged to share your mistakes and learn from others.”

We asked Krieg if she had any advice for people interested in pursuing a similar career path, and her answer was “Don’t be afraid to try different fields in science. When I started at Concordia, I was pre-physical therapy and now I am a food scientist. There is more to science than the medical field. Also, shadow/intern as much as you can. If I didn’t do shadowing, I wouldn’t have realized PT was not the right career for me until I invested in graduate school. I learned so much in my shadowing/internship hours. Also, do research! The research program will give you a competitive set of skills no matter what you pursue in your career.”