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Haweya Farah

Healthcare Professional in Pharmaceuticals

Haweya Farah graduated with her MBA in Healthcare Management from Concordia St. Paul, and has returned to earn her Doctorate in Education. As a healthcare professional, Farah currently works at a pharmaceutical company and is “passionate about improving healthcare and education for marginalized communities.”

Farah says that her MBA greatly helped her career and is what motivated her to continue her education with a doctorate degree. As a mother to three children, Farah says that she wants to lead by example and show her kids that “education is a valuable investment.”

Farah goes on to say, “Education is an integral part of my success in this world. Both personally and professionally, I am able to apply my knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities. Having the opportunity to do my doctoral degree is a dream come true. In my experience, education has a transformative effect on the people I serve, resulting in improved outcomes.”

The online, flexible format of CSP’s Ed.D. degree allows students like Farah to continue in their career while pursuing continued education. After graduation, Farah has future goals of opening up a consulting firm to serve marginalized communities.