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Jamal Baadani

Founder & Managing Director, Achieval Strategies, LLC

“[My] knowledge and skills as a human resources expert help me gain the confidence of my clients and staff. My success is founded on my master’s degree from Concordia University, St. Paul.”

Jamal Baadani is a 2014 graduate of Concordia’s MA in HR Management program. The founder of Achieval Strategies, LLC in McLean, VA, Baadani developed a passion for recruitment during his time in the United States Marine Corps (USMC).

Enlisting at age 17, Baadani spent 22 years in the USMC (both active duty and reserve) and retired as a Company First Sergeant. During his time in the Marines, he attended recruiter’s school. “One of our instructors said, ‘Many of you will find that recruiting will be your life-long career,’” he recalled. “We laughed at the time, but fast forward 30 years, and here I am, still in the recruitment field.”

Using his military benefits for both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Baadani pursued higher education as a self-described “late bloomer.” He finished his bachelor’s degree at age 42, then set a goal of receiving his master’s degree by age 50. His desire was to enhance his own career while setting an example for his children.

At the time Baadani was researching schools to get a master’s degree in human resources, he was living in India and Bosnia-Herzegovina working for a government contractor. He was looking for a flexible online delivery model, as well as accepting his military benefits, both of which Concordia offered.

As he began his master’s program, he found the difference in time zones posed some challenges. “Because of the time difference, I was participating in our live class at 3 a.m.,” Baadani explained. “My favorite memory was sitting at the kitchen table at 4:00 a.m. in Bosnia-Herzegovina with my hands on the keyboard, falling asleep for 15 minutes and then waking up in the same position.”

Despite the geographic challenges, Baadani was grateful for the flexible program and support of his professors, and most importantly developed relationships with his classmates. “Making new friends with my fellow cohorts was great as well…their hard work, support, and perseverance really helped me be motivated to push through my own challenges,” he recalled fondly. “We were in it together.”

In his career, Baadani has held a variety of recruiting roles, including at director and vice president levels. After his last position as a vice president with a large government contracting company, where he led a global staffing team of 70 people, he decided to launch Achieval Strategies.

A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Achieval Strategies has two main focus areas: staffing/recruitment and college entrance/financial planning. Baadani describes the recruitment area as targeting “talent acquisition staffing and recruitment consulting services that focus on workplace diversity.”

Baadani explains that the college-focused side of Achieval Strategies is meant to make the process smoother for families navigating a complex world. “Our expert advisors will meet with you to discuss your options for your child’s college of choice while working with you to provide streamlined infrastructural and financial solutions that are customized to your family’s needs while making the best college choice and affordability a tangible reality,” he elaborated.

Crediting CSP with giving him the tools and competencies to start his own company, Baadani looks back fondly on his experience. “[My] knowledge and skills as a human resources expert help me gain the confidence of my clients and staff… My success is founded on my master’s degree from Concordia University, St. Paul.”