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Jeri Bates

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Abbott Labs

Jeri Bates graduated from Concordia University, Saint Paul in 1991 with a Bachelor’s in Social Science. She now works at Abbott Labs as a Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist.

Bates mentions how CSP provided her with the skills and education she needed to thrive in her career today. “I was prepared in my career by my academic selections as well as in working in project management skills, communication skills and the ability to see my contribution to my job and the people I work with.”

Bates also emphasizes the supportive, accepting community she was able to be a part of by attending CSP. “The culture at CSP was very welcoming and open, and supportive and that was a key piece of my decision to attend.”

Bates believes CSP’s extracurriculars not only helped her to grow academically but also allowed her to grow as a person and be connected with the CSP campus community. “It gives you a well-rounded perspective to be involved, to spend time with different people, to learn and work and play in new areas for personal growth, and to use those extracurricular activities as a way to manage time as well.”