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Jim Scriven

Executive Director at EC-12 Education Services, Northwest District-LCMS.

Jim Scriven graduated from Concordia St. Paul in 1990 with a B.A. in Education and minors in Theatre and Communications. The Lutheran Education Association recently awarded Scriven with the Christus Magister Award to acknowledge and celebrate the significant contributions Scriven has made to Lutheran education.

With an extensive background in Lutheran education, Scriven has spent 12 years in the classroom and 13 years in an administrative role as principal before accepting the role of Executive Director for EC-12 Education Services, Northwest District-LCMS in 2015. Now, Scriven spends his time supporting school ministry in over 100 locations throughout the Northwest regions. Scriven holds many responsibilities and demonstrates strong leadership, but says, “my primary focus is on helping the leaders and teachers of our schools do their best work, operating thriving and sustainable schools that successfully attract students and families so that the good news of Jesus may be taught and shared.”

When asked about the impact that this award had on him, Scriven mentions the importance of the people teaching in the classroom and how he uses his current position to help support them. “The educators and support staff in our schools are the ones doing the ‘real’ work daily, impacting the lives of students and their families and making a difference in their communities as a ‘light on the hill.’ I’ve walked in those shoes, and I understand the blessings and challenges of such service. Since 2015 I’ve been able to pour my energy full time into supporting the people in those schools, influencing school ministry in ways that help them remain vibrant and sustainable.”

Scriven appreciates the role that CSP has played in his journey; as someone who felt called to serve in Lutheran education, Scriven commends CSP’s curriculum, faculty, and community. “The worldview that I left CSP with prepared me well for a life of service, fulfilling my vocation as a Christian and as a Lutheran educator, and just doing what made sense from that perspective has led me into success in my calling.”