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Kathleen Cantley

Chief Operating Officer at PrairieCare

Kathleen Cantley is a two time CSP alum who completed both her undergraduate and graduate degree with Concordia. After graduating in ‘97 with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, Kathleen came back to CSP 20 years later to pursue an MBA degree and graduated in ‘20. Over the course of her career, Kathleen has taken on many leadership roles that have advanced her career and allowed her to make a difference in her community and in the business world. She currently works at PrairieCare as a Chief Operating Officer. 

Kathleen has recently been honored in the 25th Annual Women in Business Awards, hosted by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. The MSPBJ chooses prominent women in business who have given back to the community to honor with an award for their outstanding achievements both in their careers and communities. Kathleen shares how her time at CSP helped her achieve her goals. “Concordia instilled an expectation of showing up in the world with character and care…I knew I wanted to be in a leadership position to impact change, work with people and make a difference.” 

Kathleen speaks highly of CSP’s quality of education. The campus atmosphere, outstanding faculty, and student resources made her time at CSP better than she thought it could be. Even through an online program, Kathleen found she was able to form close relationships with the faculty and fellow students of her program. “My MBA was all online and worked perfectly with my busy work and family schedule. I already knew the professors’ talent, coursework quality and investment in me would be woven throughout.” 

When asked to share a piece of advice for other CSP students, Kathleen encouraged students to get the most out of their time at Concordia. “It is like going to school with a family member. They will invest in you and do it all to get you to your goals. Concordia demands your best and cares for your worst.”