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Kathryn Lindquist

RN Case Manager at Open Arms

Kathyrn Lindquist graduated with a Bachelor’s in Biology from Concordia University, St. Paul in 2018. She now works as an RN Case Manager at Open Arms.

Lindquist benefited from the support she received from CSP’s faculty and appreciated the large selection of extracurriculars that CSP offers. “Great classes with amazing professors who were helpful, talented, and want their students to succeed. Lots of opportunities for extracurriculars and resume builders.”

Lindquist gained real experience for her career as well as quality friendships through the extracurriculars she was involved in at CSP. “Overall, the extracurriculars were my favorite. I feel that they prepared me for working with others, and really improved my college experience because I was able to make a lot of friends that I may not have met through class.”